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Huawei's next generation of flagship smartphones, the Mate series, was launched today in Munich, Germany. Now, a few hours before the launch, Evan Brass shares pictures of the 30 RS Porsche Mate Edition retail packaging. 

From the picture, we can see that the phone is equipped with a matte black retail box with an advanced appearance. In the box, you'll find Mate 30 RS Porsche designed smartphones, hard rear covers, wall adapters, data cables, headphones, and car chargers of the same color as the phone. All the accessories in the box are black. 

The recently leaked Mate 30 RS Porsche design shows that the phone has four cameras on its back, but the Mate 30 Pro does not use a circular housing, but instead installs the camera sensor in a narrow black strip extending from the top down. The LED flash is located in the upper left corner outside the camera housing. 

In addition to the upcoming smartphone retail packaging picture, Evan Brass also shares a new rendering of the 30 RS Porsche Mate version in two color options-black and red. As for specifications, like the Mate 30 Pro, we expect Porsche Design to use the company's own Kirin 990 SoC and AMOLED display with 90Hz refresh rate display. 

It is reported that the Huawei Mate 30 Pro will be equipped with 4500 milliwatt batteries to support 40W fast charging and 27W super wireless charging. It will also be equipped with 8GB/12GB RAM and 512GB onboard storage. 

The equipment is also expected to be equipped with IP68 waterproof and dustproof grades. Both smartphones will feature a custom user interface for EMUI 10 based on the latest Android 10 operating system. 

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He Zengfeng 6 is a big surprise for Asustek this year. The ZenFone 6 comes with a slotless display, a top-level configuration, a 5000 Ma high-capacity battery, an Android system close to inventory, and even a headphone interface.Not to mention its unique flip camera, it can turn the rear camera into a selfie shooter, leaving no gaps or holes in your screen. All of this, when most phones with this size almost doubled the asking price, it sold for only $500.

Well, if you think the ZenFone 6 is too cheap, Asustek has a new phone with the ZenFone 6 Edition 30 for you. The new special edition of ZenFone 6 celebrates 30 years of innovation by Asustek, raising the price to $900 and several upgrades. 

As with the original ZenFone 6, the 30 version of the improved version features a 6.4-inch full-screen display, a Snapdragon 855, a 5000mAh battery, and the same 48MP + 13MP flip camera. 

What distinguishes ZenFone 6 Edition 30 is that it adds some additional storage space for RAM, 12GB, rather than 6GB and 512GB. It also features a unique design in matte black with concentric circle mode and "unique embossed version 30 logo" on the back. 

Asustek has also made extra efforts in packaging, including an advanced box with a VIP card that you can enjoy a 30-month warranty and priority repair. 

If you think all this is good, you can buy Asustek ZenFone 6 Edition 30 in the United States for $900 from today. However, if this is a little beyond your price range, you may want to consider a slightly less special Asus ZenFone 6 for only $500. In his comments, our own Alex Dobie called the phone "a great phone for value lovers and selfie enthusiasts," giving it a score of four out of five. 

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They are a major part of the makeup artist's kit, but that doesn't mean you need to be a professional to use false eyelashes successfully. In fact, there are many kinds of false eyelashes to choose from, from pre-glued false eyelashes to individual false eyelashes to make your false eyelash game more perfect. 

If you've ever had false eyelashes degumming in the middle of the night, or if they don't stick well and stain your recently painted eye shadow, you might be a little cautious. This is understandable, but these five checkpoints will help you with false eyelashes like a professional. 

When "tacky" is a good thing, 
Your eyelashes are ready, the glue has just been painted, and you are standing in front of the mirror. Now, wait! Eyelash gel doesn't "stick" until it gets a little sticky, so wait 10-15 seconds, and then you put your eyelashes on the lid. If you apply mascara prematurely, the glue is likely to slip rather than hold. A Mini Game waiting for your whipping game is not over. 

If a complete false eyelash is always rolled up, or is not very sticky to the inner and outer corners of the eye, try cutting the eyelashes in half, even 1/3. The smaller parts are not so fine that you can fit them better than full-size eyelashes. 

Fingers, glue and eyelashes sometimes stick together, but try using an eyelash daub, which allows you to grab and buy mascara without interfering with the stick or getting your shadow dirty.

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