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Color mixing is made up of different main colors and secondary colors independent or mixed with each other. Most mixed food colors have more hue and color options. There are mainly three kinds of color mixing, namely, common color mixing, special color mixing and lake color mixing. The color of the food mixed on the lake is basically a pigment dispersed by different concentrations of color.The color of a mixed food has several key characteristics, such as its solubility in water and oil, which allows it to mix with vegetable oil and vegetable oil. They are available in nature because of the inert absorption of compounds. 

Mixed-color food market can be divided into grade, type, packaging, function and application. 

On the basis of classification, the color mixing of food was divided into cosmetic grade, food grade and drug grade. Due to the wide application of mixed-color food in the food industry, it is expected that the value of food grade will increase rapidly. 

According to the type of color, the color will be divided into regular color, special color and lake color. Manufacturers look for mixed food colors suitable for the foods they produce, so each manufacturer has several corresponding specifications and requirements. As a result, the value share of custom mixed colors is expected to be higher than other mixed food color types. 

On the basis of the function, the food color mixing is divided into colorants and seasonings. Color mixer has been widely used in food industry. Due to its large-scale application, the sales value of mixed food pigment as a colorant is expected to be improved. 

On the basis of packaging, the color of mixed food is divided into corrugated carton and drum bag. Due to the purchase of a large number of products, it is expected that during the forecast period, the sales volume of drum packaging will increase greatly. 

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On the basis of application, food color mixing is divided into food and beverage industry, pharmaceutical industry and cosmetic industry. The food industry is further subdivided into candy, baked goods, jelly, pumpkin, soft drinks, dairy products and so on. Similarly, the cosmetics industry is further subdivided into body lotions and hair dyes.Due to the wide application of food color mixing in all kinds of food production, it is expected that the sales of the food industry will be higher during the forecast period. 

The global mixed-color food market has been divided into seven key regions: the Asia-Pacific region, the Middle East and Africa outside North America and Latin America, Eastern Europe, Western Europe and Japan. The global food and beverage market is expected to grow from $13.9 trillion in 2016 to $16 trillion in 2020, an average annual growth rate of 3.6 per cent. The food and beverage industry in the United States is growing steadily. In addition, growing health trends across Brazil have increased per capita consumption of seasoning and functional water. Europe is considered to be the main market for the global baking industry. Because mixed food color is one of the main components of most seasoned drinks and foods, North America and Europe are expected to grow at a significant rate in the global mixed food color market. 

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Heavy corrugated packaging products are often used as containers. Widely used in food, beverage, cosmetics, drugs, dangerous chemicals and other materials packaging.Heavy-duty corrugated packaging products themselves provide product protection, but often require buffers for internal components, such as corrugated inserts and edge protectors, which help ensure the safety of vulnerable products. In recent years, the demand for tray boxes for heavy corrugated packaging has increased significantly. This can be attributed to the great dimensional flexibility provided by these boxes. 

Heavy corrugated packaging products, such as cartons, provide compression resistance and sufficient strength for stacking warehouses.They are environmentally friendly, degradable and recyclable. Products such as octane also have high durability, light weight, and provide significant cost-effectiveness to buyers.Therefore, heavy corrugated packaging products are more and more used in secondary packaging goods, across a wide range of industries. 

When you hear too much about plastic packaging, you usually focus on the food industry-straws, coffee cups, foam takeout boxes, potato chip bags, and so on. While it is, of course, wrong for the food industry not to suggest better packaging design, it is strange that other industries have largely not been criticised to the same extent.

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