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Ironically, Kondo's (Marie Kondo) cleanup program (officially known as the KonMari method) requires you to buy more things-in fact, lockers. Although she stressed the importance of technology rather than storage, we couldn't help but notice the beautiful box she used in "tidying up Kondo." They are actually one of her own works: the Hikidashi box set, which comes in four Japanese styles for $89. The six-piece set has sold out since it was released last summer. 

Fortunately, there are similar styles. Check out these affordable storage box alternatives and start tidying up as soon as possible. 

The four-piece suit has more than 2000 comments on Amazon, a striking resemblance to Kondo's. Critics praise the containers for their ease of storing folded clothes and underwear. 

Her box may be engraved with exhilarating words (such as "precious things sparkle"), but these organizers have polka dots and are equally sweet. 

Put socks, folded clothes and miscellaneous items (also known as Ono) in these herringbone containers. They are collapsible, which means you can fold them up until you decide to try KonMari. 

I know your niche. Bayou A Shirt has been able to attract more viewers because it has been focused on its brand-half-joking Louisiana humor-and takes full advantage of social media. "it's a small community, so when you have a theme that suits them, it's easy to resonate there," says Logan Roberts (Logan Roberts), the boss. "in terms of brand recognition, we are by no means the next Nike (Nike), but we have a group of followers because what we launch is a little funny." 

Paper Packaging Boxes For Clothes

packaging boxes for clothes Brands

Use your expertise. Your experience of decorating others will help you decide which styles sell well and which technologies are the most profitable. The connections you have established with suppliers may also be a boon.Jim Phillips (Jim Phillips) and his wife Erica (Erica), for example, recently launched an outdoor themed clothing line called Delta Range. "when we order clothes for our regular printing work, we also order blank shirts for Delta (Delta Range)," Jim said. " "it can help us reach free delivery points and save $10 here and there." 

Don't forget the packing. Custom labels and clever packaging make ordinary t-shirts unforgettable. Michael Bowen, owner of pasteurized t-shirts in Buffalo, said they rolled up their pre-printed shirts and packed them in old quart milk cartons. Not only does it look cool, but all cartons have bar codes to help keep the warehouse clean and tidy. 

Whenever she writes a mysterious box, Martha Mcfadden draws tarot cards. The 28-year-old Wisconsin runs a Etsy store called Smudge Shop Wi, where she sells a wide variety of trinkets, pendants and polished stones to meet a wide variety of overall needs. As described in the $99 handmade crystal blade, Smudge Shop Wi's catalogue helps customers in everything from severing emotional ties to guiding energy at rituals. But Mcfadden is also selling collections that are less user-determined: boxes full of Gnostic goods, all selected by cards. 

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Buy custom packaging box for clothes

Mcfadden, who has been selling mystery boxes since early summer, offers customers three sizes-small, medium and large-that retail for $20, $30 and $75, respectively. It is difficult to reduce the inventory of about 200 pieces of Smudge Shop Wi to the most basic level, so Mcfadden has learned to rely on spirits to provide guidance; When you open the lid, you will find gold frankincense, shark tooth necklaces, and hematite rings you are destined to have. This has always been the core charm of the mystery box; sometimes it's more fun to let nature take its course. 

"whoever buys it, I have to ask his permission.Then I shuffle and draw a card, and I use it as the theme of the box. " She explained. "once I pulled out a card with desire on it, so I made a bunch of things about self-love. I sent each box a custom card explaining everything in it, so it was really personalized. It's not just something extra. " 

Today, the mystery box has become one of the most popular items in the paint store Wi. She's not alone. 

From January 2019 to July 2019, the site has received more than 495000 searches for "mystery boxes", according to cargo data provided by Etsy. There are nearly 6000 search results for mystery boxes. EBay has also become a major market for diy blind boxes, but the company has deviated from Etsy's independent arts and crafts. (currently, a "mystery box" search query on eBay has 149 results. For example, an unmarked carton containing used jewelry, old cd and dvd.)

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