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At this time of year, the most popular perfumes in the beauty industry are dressed in festive costumes and lined up on the shelves of department stores. 

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But this time, things are different-perfume gift sets have become fashionable again. Gone are the days of packing a classic perfume bottle in a thin plastic box. Now, the best perfume gift sets are beautiful enough that even the most picky recipients will be impressed-think of gilded packaging, reusable bottles and many mouthwatering patterns. 

Scroll down and you'll find the ultimate perfume gift to someone you really like this year. 

Kilian is probably the sexiest perfume brand in the world, and its gift this year is not disappointing. Incredibly luxurious, but also sustainable, this set contains four 7.5ml travel bottles of orange blossom and rose-flavored paradise perfume, along with a treasure traveling forever to store them. 

It is a fact of life that Chanel can never go wrong. 

This much-needed perfume set is the ultimate gift: three of the world's most iconic perfume mini bottles, as well as a painted black and gold suitcase, can be preserved permanently (and flash at any opportunity). 

This doesn't need much introduction. A bottle of spicy, sexy jasmine rouge perfume and equally attractive crimson lipstick. 

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This perfume set designed for Harvey Nichols is sure to impress anyone who is serious about perfume. It contains a travel size small bottle of Frederick Marr (Frederic Malle) 's Bigarade Concentree--, a fresh aroma centered on bitter oranges-and the brand's highly respected red suitcase. 

If you're looking for someone who dismisses traditional perfume ads (like a first-tier star in a petal pink dress in a Paris window), this perfume is a perfect match. N.C.P. Created by Noomi Rapace. Smelling agents are the antidote to the smell of saccharin-but that doesn't mean every one is not beautiful. 

This exquisite gift set contains 7 bottles of 10 ml perfume, ranging from fruity citrus and violets to jasmine and sandalwood. Either wear it alone or layered to create a completely unique effect. 

Let's face it, you were convinced at first sight that the box would never go near the recycling bin. Gucci holiday gifts are also beautiful, with 50 milliliters of classic flowers and a very useful ball that can be placed in the smallest evening bag. 

We all know that some people have not changed their iconic perfume for years-for many girls in the 1990s, it was like a flower bomb. This chic travel spray combines roses, jasmine and vanilla and is the perfect gift for anyone obsessed with this iconic fragrance. 

This is probably the coolest way of thinking, and outside the box, this set of gifts contains some of the most coveted scents of three hair perfumes in Byredo. Blanche has the perfect "clean laundry" atmosphere, and La Tulipe smells like a florist morning. (Flowerhead) is an intoxicating jasmine inspired by Indian weddings. All three products are great (and more stylish than dry-cleaned shampoo). 

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September means a lot of things. The sultry summer in New York is coming to an end. The watchmakers are coming back from their summer vacation. This is a new era for Apple Watch. This was my fifth annual pilgrimage to Silicon Valley, becoming one of a group of journalists who tripped over each other and became the first to come into contact with Apple's latest and greatest products. 

But the best part for me is having a chance to know what Apple thinks of the watch. It is important to remember that although Apple Watch is five years old, it is still a relatively young product and maturing at a relatively fast rate. Each year not only means faster chipsets or longer battery life, but it also means rethinking the scope and use of Apple Watch and the way it fits into consumer life.This is something to be excited about. 

Because last year's Apple Watch series 4 was a huge leap forward, it was agreed that this year's launch was much smaller ahead of last week's launch. In hindsight, this is a bit stupid, and Apple Watch Series 5 has taken a huge leap forward in terms of adaptability, completeness, and overall experience. 

It took me a week to install the Apple Watch Series 5 Edition, with a new titanium case, which made me think a lot. 

The 5-series version Apple lent me is a brand new titanium version. We'll talk more about what this means later, but it's worth taking a minute to review the Apple Watch Edition series and how it's changed over the past five years.

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