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What is the first problem you have to solve? 
We have invested a lot of time and energy, even before our online store launched, as well as our personal funds, do not know whether our product will be accepted, because it has not yet appeared in the German market.Although one or two situations may hinder us, giving up is not an option for us. 

Do you have any advice on the personal and professional lives of other entrepreneurs? 
I think work-life balance is a challenge for every new entrepreneur, especially in the early days. In our first year of working with Emmie Gray, huge demand completely overwhelmed us. We work day and night and spend little time with family and friends even on weekends. Fortunately, thanks to the help of our great team, the situation has changed. 

Although this is usually difficult, in the face of all the stress, you should not forget to rest regularly. In the long run, this is the only way you can invest in your project and stay energetic and focused. 

Would you mind describing the plan in detail? 
Of course, I'd love to. Roses are harvested at their peak. In order to avoid transportation problems, our partner Ross Farm carried out the protection process directly on site. Roses are first isolated from their natural cell fluid and then replaced by an alcoholic preservative.In this process of environmental protection, only natural ingredients are used, so roses are biodegradable and absolutely harmless to human health. 

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Did your colleagues in South America tell you the secret of their production? 
We have been working closely with our South American partners from the outset to develop new color concepts and even new products with farms. For example, we are currently testing the preservation of a flower variety that has so far existed only in its fresh, unprocessed form globally. 

Flowers are a good way to decorate. Of course, sometimes you can express your gratitude with a bunch of gorgeous flowers. For those who want sustainability, it is best to buy a flower with a FLP label or a box of roses. The latter is packaged at the time of flowering and lasts for several years, not days. We interviewed Sarah Zegel (Sarah Zergaw), founder of startup Emmie Gray GmbH. Zegor discovered boxed roses on a trip abroad, learned this method, and successfully introduced this special craft into German interior design. She plans to promote the technology in Europe in the future. 

How did you think of finding Amy Gray? 
On a trip abroad, I found a rose box. When I come back, I want to order one for my family online. Unfortunately, no goods were supplied to Germany. This is how the idea of offering this product in the German market came about. 

Trends are like flowers. They come and go in a hurry every season. A pink sweater may be all the rage in a month, sweeping the fashion world. You can see it on the t stage, just slightly different, from one designer to another, and then on the shelves of your favorite store. But by summer, it had disappeared. On the contrary, there is one of the best things: a coral dress that will also find its place in your wardrobe. However, some trends can last for years, or even a lifetime of Polaroid cameras, tape recorders and leather jackets, to name just a few. The rose box, right in New York, is the most noteworthy trend in the market right now. 

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The company said it would not abandon the strategy: "We will find areas where there is sufficient demand and give us reason to keep our feet on the ground." 

At the same time, he said shipments the next day had allowed the company to "grow faster in the short term". (either way, UrbanStems does not charge an additional delivery fee.). 

When did you know you succeeded? 
After six months of careful planning, we finally opened and received a lot of orders from the beginning. The positive feedback from the first customers reassured us that a few days later, more than 100 Emmie Gray Roseboxes were sent to the living room in Germany. 

What are you doing right now? 
We have been committed to expanding our range with innovative products, and our customers can look forward to many new interior designs to make their homes more beautiful. What is it? We just can't reveal it yet.

Products customized for major customers have also developed into an interesting line of business. The name or logo of the company is printed on the box. Companies from the auto industry, such as Porsche (Porsche) and Mercedes-Benz, or cosmetics companies, are using the service.

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