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Holidays are family, friends, charities and a lot of wasted time. 
Americans throw away 25% more garbage between Thanksgiving and the New year holiday than at any time of the year, according to the Stanford Recycling Center. 
This is equivalent to 25 million tons of garbage. 
Obviously, many of them are terrible for the environment. 
When we look for ways to reduce waste to help a dying planet, there are many things we can do to reduce our environmental footprint during the holidays. 
Reduce gift wrapping and bows. 
This seems to be the most obvious, but it is also one of the more important items on this list. 
Smooth wrapping paper, bows and ribbons are not recyclable, and mixing them with paper and cardboard into the recycling bin can make a mess of the recycling process. 
If you can't help wrapping gifts, USA Today recommends leaving your bow knot for reuse (and throwing away bows that really don't work) and buying ordinary wrapping paper (no flash, metal polishing, etc.). This is a recyclable or reusable gift bag and gives up all ribbons (unless you reuse it). 
Another thing to note: if your Christmas card is decorated with shiny things, embossed or printed on shiny photo paper, you can't recycle them. 
One tip: according to USA Today, you can rip open the card and recycle at least part of it. 
Look for recyclable cards on your own, or send e-cards. 

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A lot of things are packed in plastic, we can reduce consumption. 
For example, instead of giving your child a new toy or giving your spouse a new kitchen utensil wrapped in plastic, try self-sufficient gifts such as candles or books. 
If you send a gift card, choose a cash or paper version instead of a plastic card. 
Instead of buying another plastic toy, synthetic sweater or tech gadget, consider providing service and experience to your loved ones and friends. 
This can be spa day, music lessons, annual tickets to state parks, bike membership cards, community garden gardens, personalized coupons, and more. Maybe you can show your grandfather how to use FaceTime and schedule weekly phone calls, or how Grandma can download photos and albums to her phone. 
It's easy to get things from Amazon to your house, but it's also bad for the environment. 
Report BuzzFeed: 
Speeding up transportation means that your packages may not be as consolidated as they may be, leading to the need for more cars and trucks to transport them, as well as an increase in packaging waste, which researchers have found has increased congestion in our cities.Pollutants in our air, as well as cardboard in our landfills. Come on. 
But if you do, try buying everything at once and, if possible, choose non-frustrating packaging. 
According to the store's website, "Amazon certified frustration-free packaging is recyclable and there is no excess packaging material." 
At least, choose two days of delivery (which means, yes, no last-minute shopping this year). 

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Sales foldable gift box with ribbon

Recycling your Christmas paper is much more than stuffing everything into a big blue box. 
After China cracked down on Americans' hasty recycling habits, American waste companies are increasingly having to send what is supposed to be recycled paper to landfills. 
It turns out that the glue on the bow, the glitter sprinkled on your gorgeous wrapping paper, and miles of ribbons-not to mention dirty pizza boxes and plastic grocery bags-have blocked the process of turning waste paper into new paper and cardboard. 
The situation has become so bad that, starting on January 1, China will set new limits on pollution allowed in mixed paper bags shipped there by US garbage companies for recycling. 
"they're starting to get stricter, even tearing parcels at customs," said Chaz Miller (Chaz Miller), director of policy at the National waste and Recycling Association. 
If China reduces the use of waste paper from the United States, our garbage rate is likely to rise, because the sale of this waste usually subsidizes the cost of picking up in our neighborhoods. 
Here's what recycling experts say is the right way to clean up rubbish from Christmas. 
As an anti-computing outcast, I personally have a preference for retro persuaded printers.
My previous relationship involved mature office photocopiers, but recently I found myself mending the dots of the 1980s. 
These jobs are now middle-aged, and as you might expect, their ribbons are a little less durable after such a long time. 
Replacement is cheap enough for the most common printers, but it takes weeks to ship, and hackers are a bunch of impatient people. 
In addition, if you have a less well-known model, you are unlikely to find a new shopping cart just sitting on a shelf. 
It was these factors that prompted me and my good friend [Cosmos2000] to take action. 
If you do not advance, you will fall back, and you will accomplish nothing. 
In previous lives, I was lucky enough to get a job as a sign at a local hardware store. 
This involves handwriting large A4 and A3 price tickets with soaked large rectangular brushes

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