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glitter gift paper bags with your own logo

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How can a good carry-on baggage and accessories represent you well. 

Air travel is a fairly public activity because you may have to pass through airports around the world. Unless you are traveling in remote parts of the world, or at a particularly strange moment, you are sure to be seen by hundreds of thousands of companions. It's always a good idea to behave yourself. This is the best implementation when you have a good baggage setting that perfectly matches your phone chassis, just like those provided by Tommy. 

Whether to travel with a suitcase or carry a large backpack depends on the circumstances.If I'm going on a business trip and planning to be in a more urbanized environment, then I'll take out my roller bag and prepare for the plane and the airport. In any case, I usually have a smaller backpack with laptops, cameras, other electronics, chargers, wires and telephones. 

To tell you the truth, I never cared about the appearance of my suitcase, at least so far. This must be just because I find it not uncommon for me to appear more frequently in professional business types. Many of them carry Tumi luggage, backpacks and equipment. High-quality brands are more than just a sign of visual status-if they are well made. Since then, people have paused for a moment when they pass these people who skate very well. 

Walking in the airport corridor leading to the next terminal or gate, I found myself looking down at my roller bag, thinking, how pitiful, how tragic. Although my current roller bag is very good to me, I have no reason to give it up, but I must admit that it looks bad. I admit it is very practical, but it is not very fashionable, in the fashion luggage industry is a nobody. In order to rub salt on the wound, the material was torn in several places and covered with stains that could not be washed off. 

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On Monday, PepsiCo (PepsiCo Inc.), the parent company of Frito-Lay's iconic Doritos (Doritos) chips, A new advertising campaign was launched at the MTV Music Video Awards (MTV Video Music Awards). The "other level" campaign removes all the logos and names from the Doritos package, leaving only unmarked blue and red bags, as well as a typical triangular snack shape. 

Although Doritos does take a lot of risk in expecting consumers to identify a brand only by color and shape, it is not the first brand to remove its name from the traditional logo.Established brands such as MasterCard (Mastercard), Nike (Nike) and Starbucks (Starbucks) have embraced the trend of using only body-building logos. Doritos goes further, so the "other level" is removing the watermark from all brand logos. 

Research brand confidence. 
Every brand has its reasons to change its known business image. MasterCard launched its modern design in early 2019 to "achieve better results in the field of digital media"."Starbucks wants to expand its products beyond its own cafes and coffee. In 1995, Nike was one of the first companies to join the de-branding trend, allowing a less entrepreneurial and ultimately more recognizable brand to emerge. 

But without extensive consumer surveys, these decisions would certainly not have happened.Raja Rajamannar, chief marketing and communications officer at MasterCard, told The Drum, that "more than 80 per cent of people" recognize the symbol without an actual brand name. 

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Before a brand thinks it is world-famous, it needs to take the necessary steps to determine public opinion and recognition. We can safely say that Doritos chips appear in most corner stores around the world, on coffee tables during sporting events, and in lunch bags. 

Actionable advertising. 
Generation Z grew up on advertising-free content on almost all platforms. Look at the YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat-most platforms, which have only enabled compelling advertising features in the past few years. 

Doritos admits that with this event, Generation Z is more likely to ignore blatant corporate information. That's why the ubiquitous orange slices have decided to introduce something more attractive, even to consumers who don't like advertising the most. 

"people almost want to reject traditional advertising," Rachel Ferdinando, senior vice president of marketing at Frito Lay, told the Wall Street Journal. " "the real thrust of this movement is digitization. We have a lot of content focused on the Z generation of consumer media. " 

Doritos will encourage fans to share user-generated content with unbranded events on social media, including triangle-themed Snapchat filters. Doritos fans can get a place on their Instagram account, where they mark creative works with # logo. 

Marks and Spencer is releasing a version for Christmas. Colin wears a Christmas hat covered with holiday snowflakes, holly leaves and candy canes. He even wears red shoes this season.

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