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The company to "zero waste, zero loss, zero residue" as the goal, to provide customers can rent containers and accessories. This is considered to be an effective means to reduce the waste of disposable shipping boxes. The start-up says it operates nearly 200 service stations across the country, focusing on six areas-liquid goods, fresh fruits and vegetables, postal express delivery, flowers, cold chain logistics and auto parts. The company claims on its website that its system can track how many boxes are still available and how full they are. 

36Kr is the parent company of KrASIA. 

The story was written by Sun WuKong and appeared for the first time in the cold sky.Follow the author on twitter (@ ukingsun) or WeChat (ukingsun). 

The flowers are bound to wither. A short shelf life may enhance their short appeal, but it also means that standard bouquets will not bloom for long. But the flowers of hibiscus can bloom for a year. 

The luxury flower brand, founded by Hyderabad resident Chitra Das, uses a four-step preservation process in Japan. These arrangements highlight their minimalist style: roses, hydrangeas, precious scents, beige flowers and moss, bright colors such as blue, lavender, purple, nude, gray and even black.These flowers are arranged in glass or mirror boxes and single-stem arrangements, and the packaging design makes it possible for them to safely transport products in India. She has also incorporated the flowers into wigs and gadgets, created custom flower shows and is now planning to decorate more Indian-style flowers for the holiday season. 

Preserved roses may be her specialty, but Das has now expanded into flowers. She planned flower designs for private events and launched subscription schemes in Delhi, Mumbai and Hyderabad this month. Das has invested heavily in sustainable development, while also emphasizing the management of naturally grown flowers and flower waste. "our flowers are chemical-free and have a very low carbon footprint. We are also trying to use recyclable packaging, "she said." "We recycle old flowers from our customers and use them to compost or make natural fragrance." 

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hat boxes flower Wholesalers

Available on; prices range from 1299 to persistent flower arrangements and 799 weekly subscriptions. 

, Tanuj Dang and Samarth Gupta founded Fiorella, to provide boxed roses in Delhi on the eve of Valentine's Day 2017. "although we only have one Instagram page, it's still very popular," Dang said. " Two years later, the boxed bouquet sold well and its operations have expanded to Mumbai, Amritsar, Surat, Hyderabad and Calcutta. 

They have expanded into decoration, led by a third partner, Jagt Shvar Singh (Jagteshwar Singh). Fiorera also owns shares in infinity roses and is preparing a flower ordering service. "We want to open brick-and-mortar stores, too," Dang said. "We found that many of our customers, especially in smaller cities, wanted to see what they had bought. 

The upcoming Mother's Day is one of her busiest days of the year, and she predicts it will be full of color because we will send many eye-catching flowers to our mothers. 

"bright, bold colors are really important for Mother's Day this year. I think mothers are younger now. They want something big, colorful and a little different. 

"bright flowers like sunflowers and gerberas are perfect for this," the 38-year-old explained.

Leanne has been running her florist, The Hive, for the past 18 months. 

"people like to show their flowers and hat boxes, and it's really easy. You can put it on the table or on the window. It looks beautiful, "she told us." 

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Supply paper box flower Price

Mother's Day comes on the heels of busy Valentine's Day, and many of us spoil our loved ones. 

"very busy. I found that on Mother's Day, women are really organized, they order in advance, but on Valentine's Day, men are really disorganized, they don't order in advance, so I never know how much to order, and in the end we sell out. I had to put a sign on the door and say I'm sorry, I didn't have any flowers for you. " 

She expects Mother's Day to be just as busy. "preparation is the key. Pack up the box and cut it with ribbon and cellophane. 

"if you look at any flower shop after it closes, there will be lights there, and they will poach you away. 

For a mother of two, it's all about personal touch, which is why she attaches a little decorative button to the Mother's Day arrangement, "Mother is like a button, they buckle everything together." 

"it is a great pleasure to show you that we have done some thinking in this regard. Not only did you go to the supermarket to buy a bunch of flowers, you ordered something for them. "

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