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High Quality Attractive Custom Paper Gift Box For Presentation


Nowadays,paper box is widely used for various of product for packaging.Not only outer packing box for protect the product,but also the unique appearance will gain more customers attention .Try to imagine yourself for a moment when you are shipping in retail,the first come into your eye is the packing,you may can not help to taking paper box in your hand.


No matter how great your product,you will need a paper box for presentation to prospective clients.Now,let me introduce 3 common type of  a custom gift box styles for you.


1.Magnetic gift box,which consists of 2 parts -outer cover and inner tray,is a popular choice for luxury packaging,such as apparel,cosmetic,electric product etc.


2.Rigid Drawer box,which being called slide open boxes, and used as presentation paper box for the upscale products,like jewelry,wallet,as well as vape pen packaging.


3.Lid & base box,the lid or cover on the top and the bottom box.This kind of box is one of most featured custom paper box ,and mostly designed for gift packaging.


Lastly,while some packaging methods may not work for every product,you may need to have a try to and see which one is best for your product for display.

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