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luxury jewelry packaging wedding invitation lash box

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Bvlgari's "Serpenti Through the Eyes Of", launched in 2017 by footwear designer Nicholas Kirkwood (Nicholas Kirkwood), has sparked a series of interpretations of the brand's "Serpenti Forever" bag by fashion creators. Now, (Alexander Wang) Wang has updated the iconic handbag in time at New York Fashion week (New York Fashion Week), so even after it was rescheduled to June and December last year, He will still be the subject of conversation this September. The inspiration of the designer? Extract elements from luxury packaging and use them to create what people want. Luxury packaging usually plays a short-term background role in buying or giving away products. 

To pay tribute to the tradition of the Bvlgari Jewelry House, Wang took inspiration from traditional merchandise packaging, such as watch boxes, dust bags and paper shopping bags, injecting new life into the iconic design.In the depths of consumerism culture, this choice takes advantage of cultural mentality and, to some extent, creates the most luxurious reusable packaging. Wang also borrowed Bvlgari snakehead jewelry from the 1950s as a source of inspiration for the new hardware. "this is a tribute to evil women, which I can understand," he said. When I design, I always think of someone who is looking for excitement. " 

The result is a compromise of six styles, including innovative shapes and traditional contours, combining Wang's high and low end style with the eternal luxury of Bvlgari. From shoulder bags to backpacks to mini stereos, this range of products are sure to cater to a variety of tastes. These bags have Wang's favorite white and black, mint green and snakeskin to choose from. The mint green color commemorates Wang's favorite taste when he was growing up, and this happens to be Bvlgari's Au The Vert. 

The belt bag is a prominent feature with a removable belt, so you can switch between bags on your waist or shoulder to adapt to any situation. Duette has two pleats, Triplette has three tucks, perfect for casual everyday wear; Gigi Hadid (Gigi Hadid) often carries Duette when walking on the streets of New York. This two-in-one backpack is reminiscent of sandbags, while shopping bags (guess what it looks like?). They come in three sizes. A brand new silhouette of Minaudiere, is an interesting presentation of the Bvlgari jewelry tradition.The bag, shaped like a jewelry box with bracelet accessories, will definitely become a hot topic throughout the city. See the complete capsule below. 

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In makeup, the use of false eyelashes is quite difficult (at least intimidating), eyeliner has wings, the outline is perfect. That's why we're here to answer questions about the variety (and number) of false eyelashes on the market.By the way, false eyelashes have spread to all places, including drugstore shelves, Instagram and the most luxurious beauty boutiques. 

Once mainly with theatrical actors, glamazons and red carpet, due to Instagram-fueled trends and regenerative ability of personality makeup (I will rock false eyelashes go to the grocery store on Tuesday afternoon, thank you very much), false eyelashes have become fully democratized. In fact, false mascara such as Glossier's mascara Slick, Maybelline (Maybelline New York) 's "the Falsies" (the Falsies) and (my favorite) D.J.V. Miaray Fiberwig are rapidly becoming popular. It is proved that these endless, flowing eyelashes will not be out of date any time soon. 

We have invited professionals to analyze everything you need to know about finding the perfect false eyelashes for the shape and effect of your eyes. So pick up your false eyelashes and eyelash gel (remember: give them a few seconds to dry before you stick them to your eyelids) and get ready to become an eyelash master. 

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If you want to make your natural eyelashes fuller and longer, or if you just want to add contours to certain areas of the eyelash line, separate eyelashes are a good choice.Individuals can usually be set at 30-60 strands in different lengths, making them one of the best choices for a customizable look. Makeup artist and Tweezerman brow & eyelash brand ambassador Gita Bass told Allure:, "you have more control over the individual, and you can be your own eyelash artist." 

For whom: anyone who wants to increase the length and volume in a natural way in a particular area, or who wants to fill any gap in the natural eyelash. "they are the most versatile (false eyelash type) and can create any gorgeous appearance, from natural 'day' eyelashes to the highest intensity," Buss said."if used properly, your eyelashes will disappear into your eyelashes, causing people to speculate all the time." 

Usage: use tweezers or specially designed mascara and use each eyelash carefully. (more on this later.). Makeup artist Fiona Stiles (Fiona Stiles) says it may take some time to adapt, but the key is: "practice, practice again."

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