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Your first decision, once you open the packaging of your new phone, is what you want it to be. Although it is much cheaper than other iphone in 2018 because it sells for more than $749, it still deserves a case to keep it safe and healthy. Since I started using XR about a week ago, I've tested a lot-a dozen from different manufacturers. 

With sleeves, if you like the feeling of Apple's iPhone in your hands, that's the best. Or close a separate book like a book and provide pockets for credit cards. Some books are folded in another way, open at the bottom of the book, but I always find it ridiculous to think of a large piece of leather hanging down when you call. 

Apple doesn't have a formal iPhone XR case yet, at least not yet. This is unusual. If it changes, I will be the first to test it out and update this article. 

At the same time, of all the people I tested, here are the best. 

By the way, you'll know that, iPhone XR has a glass back cover that can be charged wirelessly. All of the following chassis are compatible with wireless chargers. 

Senna makes some of the finest mobile phone cases, shapes and colors for everyone. If you want a leather case on your belt, a buttonable leather case on your back, and a pocket where you can keep notes, cards, or wallets, Senna has one that suits you. Sena is made of high quality leather with excellent feel and durability. 

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Ultra-fine sleeves live up to the name, feel excellent, soft and comfortable. The downside of most protective cases is that your beautifully designed iPhone is protected out of your hands. However, when you take the phone out of the chassis and use it, you can see and feel the phone itself with your sleeves.

MoxieLash is popular online with its promising visual effects: the brand has created not only a magnetic eyeliner, but also two magnetic eyeliner pens so that eyelashes can be applied to your eyeliner in 10 seconds like magic. If you've ever tried a magnetic eyelash, you know if it hit or missed, depending on the shape of your eyes. But with a magnetic eyeliner, it bends your eyelashes to your eyeliner without the need for glue. 

I tested one or two cosmetics and Adele magnetic eyelashes, but in the end I didn't like them because I thought they looked unnatural; the ends of my hair bent and you could see I was wearing false eyelashes. In addition, I can apply mascara in 15 seconds with glue-it's like second nature to me after years of practice. I tried mascara for a few weeks, but it never really worked. Recently, however, I realized that I was allergic to latex, and although latex-free glue does exist, it makes me even more curious about how magnetic eyeliner works for me. 

MoxieLash sells both fluid ($45) and gel magnetic eyeliner ($32), as well as the brand's own magnetic eyelashes. The lining is made of iron oxide, wind-resistant, strongly colored and free of benzoates or heavy metals. The brand says the product has a EWG score of 2 (which means it is a "low overall hazard"): "Iron oxide usually does not cause problems, even for people with sensitive skin." If you have eye problems / surgery, consult your doctor. Our magnetic eyeliner has no known side effects. "

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I used to be a friend, she would line up outside her room before the sorority officially started, and all my friends asked me to makeup them before the big event. But recently I find it more and more difficult to keep up with the trend, and my special event style has not changed much with the changes of the times. I want to look more like I have a series of glamorous makeup when I go out at night, but all I have is the real gradual eye shadow I've tried. I have also held five wedding and / or wedding-related activities in two months, so I almost need a way to strengthen my evening clothes. 

So, when I recently saw an ad for magnetic eyelashes on Facebook, I saw a quick solution to the problem. I like to wear false eyelashes, but when I wear makeup professionally, it always seems to be a special enjoyment. It seems difficult and dangerous to wear them myself (I only wore them at my own wedding, and when I was a bridesmaid). But as an ordinary wedding regular, I thought that without the sticky and weird glue that fell out of the middle of the party, charming eyelashes might enhance my charm. 

I told the One Two Lash staff about my busy wedding season and they sent me a trial set.There are nine attractive lashes to choose from: "classic" eyelashes, a few pairs of bold eyelashes, a set of natural eyelashes, if your eyelashes are sparse, you can choose to fill some eyelashes. I chose the classics because I didn't want them to look too fake or inconspicuous. In fact, I was completely ready to buy my own mascara, but because mascara was so popular, it took me 10 weeks to buy a pair of mascara, and my first wedding was less than two weeks away.

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