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Luxury hard boxes are widely used in the packaging of luxury goods, including luxury pens, watches, electronic accessories, candy, food, cosmetics and so on. Since 2012, manufacturers in China and India have invested heavily in increasing production capacity for luxury hard boxes. The revolutionary boom in mobile phones and accessories has encouraged many small and local manufacturers to enter the luxury rigid box markets in India and China. The global luxury rigid box market is characterized by the existence of small and medium-sized manufacturers and established multinational corporations. Manufacturers of luxury rigid boxes cater to the customer base, especially in the candy and candy food markets. The global confectionery, confectionery and other food markets are expected to grow as the supply of products from food manufacturers evolves.Luxury hard boxes are different from traditional cartons or folding cartons in design, strength, visual quality and overall packaging functions. The visual quality and material characteristics of luxury hard boxes make end users prefer products packed in luxury hard boxes. 

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Global luxury rigid Box Market: market Segmentation. 

The global luxury rigid box market is subdivided according to product type, design and application type. 

According to the product type, the global luxury rigid box market is subdivided as follows: telescopic luxury rigid box two-piece luxury rigid box hinged cover deluxe rigid box.

According to the design type, the global deluxe rigid box market is subdivided into round and oval deluxe rigid boxes, square deluxe rigid boxes and other shapes of deluxe rigid boxes. 

A recent market report by transparent market research firm (Transparency Market Research), "luxury Box Market: 2013-2018 Global Industry Analysis and opportunity Assessment, 2019-2027" (Market report: Global Industry Analysis, 2013-2018 and Opportunity Assessment, 2019-2027) predicts, During the forecast period, the growth of the global luxury cosmetics industry will drive the growth of the luxury box market. Globally, the luxury box market is expected to generate approximately $6.85 billion in revenue in 2018 and is expected to grow at a compound annual rate of 4.1 per cent throughout the forecast period.

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The growth of the global beauty and personal care market is driving the luxury box market. 

Compared with other packaging forms, the aesthetic appeal of luxury boxes in cosmetic packaging is relatively high. As L'Oreal notes, the global beauty market is worth about $228.31 billion in 2017. North America and the Asia-Pacific region are the main markets for the beauty and personal care industries, accounting for about 62 per cent of the global market share. 

In 2017, a global leader in beauty and personal care products, L'Oreal (L'oreal), Unilever (Unilever), Procter & Gamble, Estée Lauder (Estee Lauder), Shiseido (Shiseido) and Koty (Coty) grossed nearly $90 billion. Due to the increase in disposable income of ordinary consumers, the luxury cosmetics market has been developing and has been in great demand in the past few years. In the current market environment, these global leaders have a strong influence on the global luxury box market. 

Continuing to support efforts to clean the ocean, Oris announced a partnership with (WDC), a whale and dolphin conservation organization, a leading charity dedicated to protecting these beautiful marine life. 

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The statistics are thought-provoking. Even after decades of exercise and greater conservation, six of the 13 large whales are listed as endangered, and more than 1000 whales are killed each year for commercial purposes. 

The blue whale. 
The blue whale. 
The watch is now very popular and almost ubiquitous, creating a perfect formulation for this situation, and Oris designed a special package to put its ocean trilogy watch into it."turn garbage into treasure", the box of the trilogy is completely chemically inert. 

In the past few years, Chinese Valentine's Day has been also known as Qixi Festival. It turns out that in China, luxury brands can win the hearts of consumers. This year's Spring Festival holiday will be earlier than usual, Aug. 7, but many brands have begun to plant the idea of gifts in the hearts of consumers. While the launch of an exclusive series via WeChat Mini is a standard, here are some of the different marketing strategies that luxury brands have adopted to stand out this year: 

Prada: panoramic and in-store experience. 
Italian luxury fashion brand Prada (Prada) knows how to create the ultimate Qixi Festival experience, both online and offline. The brand has developed a pop-up WeChat mini program that provides users with a panoramic experience that allows them to explore an illustrated virtual garden where they can also unlock personalized love messages. And buy gifts from the capsule collection. Consumers can also experience Qixi Festival in the store.

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