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I'm not a candy eater. If I had a choice, I would choose delicious instead of sweet every time.So when I recently traveled to Los Angeles, three different people showed up in front of me with Little John English toffee boxes, and I didn't find it interesting at all. "what about these Los Angeles people and their candy?" I asked my husband. "who can buy us a good bottle of wine?" 

But as the boxes piled up, I realized I had to at least try. I took a bite and the smell of caramel came to my nostrils. This was followed by a rich smell of chocolate, followed by the trembling of nuts. I was intoxicated by the taste, took another bite, and then took another bite. It made such a tempting click that I found myself reaching for more until half the box was gone. 

For nearly 100 years, Los Angeles has been attracted to this native candy for reasons that are easy to understand. When Mr. and Mrs. Littler John (her name is Mary; they began to make candy, Los Angeles is an orange grove, the film is silent. Los Angeles people watched little John cook a small batch of toffee in copper pots, tempered it on a marble table, and proudly took it as their own. Soon, it became the city's most popular hostess gift. 

But candy, like a lot of things in Los Angeles, is not what it looks like. It's not English, it's not toffee. Although I'm sorry to tell my friends on the West Coast, this candy, like many other Hollywood residents, is actually a native New Yorker. 

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According to the Oxford English Dictionary, the word "toffee" first appeared in 1825, when British plantations in the Caribbean began to produce enough sugar and toffee became an affordable commodity. English toffee is very common; it is made of butter and sugar and occasionally rum. 

In the late 1850s, a British immigrant came to New York and decided to change his diet. In 1860, William Loft (William Loft) opened a shop. He wrapped the familiar dessert in a soft chocolate robe and wrapped it in almond powder. Then he gave his American creation a new name: buttercrunch. Loft's candy was a great success. In 1919, his company opened a large factory in long Island City, becoming the world's largest confectionery manufacturer. In fact, when Pepsi went bankrupt in 1931, Loft bought it. 

If there is a company that knows how to spend a holiday, it must be Sugarfina, a luxury candy brand. In addition to using a large number of edible flashes, the company offers a super solid choice of unique tastes, colors, and designs that completely kill the cute game.Trust me-it really knows how to throw it away when it's happiest (and sweetest, of course) of the year, and it recently released the Sugarfina and Sanrio Holiday series. I used to be a big fan of Hello Kitty and now I'm totally in love with it. 

On Thursday, Nov. 1, Sugarfina announced its latest and best holiday collection in a press release to Elite Daily (Elite Daily), which partnered with global lifestyle brand Sanrio (Sanrio). The partnership made its debut on Hello Kitty's birthday, including Hello Kitty, Keroppi, Gudetama, My Melody, Chococat and Badtz-Maru, each of the Sanrio characters you have known and loved over the years. Sanrio has also added two new characters-the cute puppy Pompompurin and the super cold penguin Tuxedosam. 

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In the press release, each character offers his own personality inspiration, such as Pompompurin's candies, his favorite caramel pretzel (Creme Caramel Crunchies), and Tuxedosam's chilled mint chocolate. Each is neatly packaged in Sugarfina's classic sugar cubes, which are decorated with limited edition, character-specific holiday labels. 

If there's one good thing about Valentine's Day, it's that we can't help eating heart-shaped sugar-coated snacks. But to be honest: no one is better at holiday-themed candy than luxury candy brand Sugarfina. 

To celebrate the upcoming holiday in February, the candy connoisseur partnered with extraordinary party planner Darcy Miller (Darcy Miller) to create an exclusive collection at Bloomingdale's revolving ballroom (Carousel @ Bloomingdales). 

As part of her limited edition "Celebration of Love" series, you can read "what you love is." Packed in the iconic Sugarfina lucite box, candy includes fudge lips, pink fudge diamonds and champagne fudge bears. Each candy box is decorated with original illustrations by Darcy Miller (Darcy Miller) and Valentine's Day slogans such as "do me" and "Hey, honey!" "are you still upset about the lack of Necco sweetheart this year?" Tell your partner how you feel about one of them. 

Secret admirer, if you are reading, please send us a message.

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