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Paper packaging will replace plastic packaging


Replacing plastic packaging, paper packaging will become the main packaging for future high-end foods.

As we all know, the prosperity of any industry will promote the rapid development of other industries. The barbaric growth of the e-commerce industry has driven the popularity of the logistics express industry, and the prosperity of the automotive industry has driven the demand for the oil industry. In the same way, the increase in sales in the food industry will naturally lead to an improvement in the food packaging industry.


For food, packaging not only acts as a container, but also guarantees quality and extends the sales period. In the past, packaging materials for the food industry were widely used in glass packaging, metal packaging, paper packaging, and plastic packaging.


Because glass packaging and metal packaging are costly and cumbersome compared to plastic packaging and paper packaging, most foods are paper or plastic in addition to special foods. However, in the days to come, food packaging materials may be increasingly limited to paper packaging.


With the improvement of the social and economic level and the continuous deepening of the level of civilization, the state and the government have paid more and more attention to environmental protection issues. In recent years, China has repeatedly introduced environmental protection policies, and local governments have also promulgated laws and regulations one after another, making the impression of environmental awareness people's minds deeper, and people's demands for environmental protection have naturally risen.


According to the survey, the amount of plastics used in food packaging accounts for 1/4 of the total plastic production. In the supermarkets of all major shopping malls, plastic packaging foods abound. The plastic packaging used for puffed food and the plastic covering of instant noodles not only cause waste of resources caused by over-packaging, but also form many white garbage.


The amount of garbage produced by so many plastic packages is unpredictable and difficult to break down. Landfilled in the soil, it is difficult to rot, causing great harm to land resources and water resources, that is, using fire to incinerate, the gas generated will still pollute the air and damage people's health.


Therefore, at least in the case of high-end foods, plastic packaging will be used less and less in the future, and as a substitute, it will be paper packaging. Compared with glass packaging and metal packaging, paper packaging has lower cost, is easier to manufacture, and is lighter in weight and easy to process.

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