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Welcome to the money Diary, where we will explore the last taboo facing women in the modern workplace: money. We asked millennials how they spent their hard-earned money in seven days, and we tracked every dollar they had. 
Attention, Canadian! We regularly publish financial diaries from all over Canada, and we'd like to hear your opinion. Submit your financial diary here. 
Today: an indigenous partnership coordinator who works in the government, with an annual income of $95469, spent some of her money on perfume this week. 

06:30-I spent most of last month on vacation, so I also felt like I was back at school! I recently moved in with my boyfriend D. And my house is for sale. I'm tired of hurrying home at lunch to pack up and go to the movies. It can be difficult to live in a house while showing it to potential buyers. 

7:30 in the morning-D. Surprise me with a cup of Starbucks American coffee and daisies. I'm taking them to my desk. I was busy with my work email and took a few minutes off to browse Sephora's website. I need an extra $2 to get a free delivery, so I put my shopping in the shopping cart. I'll talk to you later. 
12:00 at noon-I didn't bring lunch, so I drove home and had ham and cheese sticks. Then I made oatmeal with Chiya seeds, flax powder, wood lice skin, strawberries, blueberries, cinnamon and thick cream. d. I've been eating ketones since January and it works for both of us. 

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5pm-when I came home from work, d was working frantically in the kitchen. He made Chicken Curry and safflower cauliflower rice. 
06:30 in the afternoon-We watched "Strange things" and ordered a keto dessert, which I made with whipped cream, cream cheese, cocoa powder, almond extract and coconut.When I put it in the bowl, he knocked one on the floor. Fortunately, I still have half a piece of cream cheese, so I stir it with peanut butter. 

7:30 in the evening-most of my things are in the storeroom now, so I can't find nail polish. Living with five men means no one can lend me anything. I went to the drug market to buy some and take a closer look at the sales. I picked up nail polish cleaner, two bottles of body wash (because it was my favorite and sold), and three mud masks ($3-$5 for, D.).Recently made one I like it), charcoal nose straps (not what I usually buy, but sell), and Cologne sampler bag D. It's his birthday next week. This is a great gift for people who don't usually use perfume because you will receive 10 samples and a coupon for your favorite full-size perfume in the box. I spent enough money to buy a free gift, so I chose a new eye shadow. 

06:30 in the morning-d had already delivered the newspaper, so I was the only one in the whole bed. I got dressed, combed my hair, and d came back. He was making breakfast: eggs, homemade sausage pie, baked green peppers and virgin fruit. He put some in a container for me to take to work, and a cup of coffee with collagen powder. We were out of cream, and I didn't want black coffee, so I bought two boxes of $2.99 special coffee. I actually go to work on time, which is unusual for me. I eat breakfast very quickly, so it is still warm. 

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The packaging process is an important step in selling products to the market. How to design a carton, where to buy it, and when to deliver it-these three questions can drive an inexperienced person crazy. The carton provides minimum internal packaging requirements and will be in direct contact with the product. Design and printing can affect how long customers are attracted to the product. 

Research shows that people spend an average of 30% more time looking at beautifully packaged products than standard or unattractive products. 

"the truth is, when you have a precise marketing strategy in mind, the product goes on the market on time. Otherwise, you will spend more money and time to find the right packaging. Zheng Jierong (Jerome Zheng), a packaging designer at SCP, said. 

Now it's time to explain some of the basics of custom cartons. 

Shanghai Custom Packaging Co., Ltd. is an experienced carton and folding carton manufacturer located in Shanghai, China. The company provides a high degree of box customization to meet a large number of box packaging requirements. As long as the owner or designer of the company has a real sample of the product, SCP will provide the appropriate carton packaging ideas. 

As a still life photographer, I spend a lot of time experimenting with different types of products in my studio. In a recent shoot, I did this by shooting a perfume box. But instead of shooting the packaging alone, I used everyday objects to create the scene. 

Still life photography is no secret. That's why I created this walkthrough to share the settings and stories behind this picture.

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