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What would life be like without packaging


In our daily life, we can meet many things, such like delicious food, nice wearings, beautiful scenery, cute pets, warm weather, cold water, and decent packaging, but what matters most is the people and what people will do. As a human being, in order to live in the world, we need to keep healthy, we need to find a job to get money, we need to find a person to love, we need to build a family to grow up. All the things we are facing would just be like a gift. A gift means a kind of surprise, a kind of bestowal, a kind of decoration, also a kind of dream. What can give gift such kind of meaning? A gift box. Exactly, a gift box is simple, however, when we put our gift inside, put our love inside, it means a lot. Its invaluable. Its not only a piece of paper or a drawing, but hold the best wishes that will be sending to the lucky one. If no gift box, we just take out the goods, others can easily see it, it may be an apple, a bunch of flower, a bottle of water, a doll, or one animal, one ticket, one book, one shoes, one car, one pad, etc. In a word, without a gift box, we can only forward the goods to others uncovered, thus, there would be no surprise, no affection, no feelings. Gift is not a gift anymore. Love is not love anymore. Surprise is not surprise anymore. Then, what would life be like without packaging?

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