2024 Digital Printing Helps Custom Personalized Jewelry Box Paper Packaging Factory
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2024 Digital Printing Helps Custom Personalized Jewelry Box Paper Packaging Factory


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2024 Digital Printing Helps Custom Personalized Jewelry Box Paper Packaging Factory

In 2024, various industries are facing unprecedented pressure, and the digital printing market is no exception. In such an environment, digital printing technology suppliers are working hard, continuously responding to market demand, constantly innovating technology, and launching a series of new equipment. As the new and old years alternate, the ITIS custom personalized jewelry paper packaging box factory and the printing engineering department manager have sorted out the new models of digital printing equipment for 2023, marking a successful end to the past year.

HP Indigo100K Digital Printing Machine
The new HP Indigo 100K digital printer is a B2 digital solution that greatly improves enterprise productivity, with true digital uninterrupted printing function, capable of printing 6000 sheets per hour. Innovative continuous production operations are achieved through automatic paper feeding, stacking, and in machine printing color calibration. By combining HP Indigo ElectroInk, hot plate transfer, and direct contact transfer, we can quickly achieve printing quality comparable to offset printing machines. The combination of excellent color and ink functionality with excellent printing quality across a wide range of media can provide a wide range of high-value applications, thereby achieving profitable business growth. Digital printing has opened a new chapter for custom personalized jewelry paper box. Even for small batches of custom personalized jewelry packaging box, we can help customers achieve the production of personalized jewelry box packaging at lower costs.
personalized jewelry box

HP Indigo 100K Digital Printing Machine

HP Indigo 15K Digital Printing Machine
The new HP Indigo 15K digital printing press is redefining the role of digital technology through technological advancements that blur the boundaries between all printing production forms. Digitization is no longer just limited to small-scale production, but large-scale production can also utilize digital flexibility to achieve economic benefits. It can provide enterprises with efficient and high production capacity to obtain the appearance, texture, and operational familiarity of offset printing and labor-saving automation. Nowadays, you can achieve vigorous development in a prosperous market through new ways of high profit growth. The continuous upgrading of digital printing machine technology provides more convenient and efficient production for custom personalized jewelry box factory. I believe that major jewelry brands can be more flexible in responding to market changes.
personalized jewelry box

HP Indigo 15K Digital Printing Machine Konica Minolta

AccurioMachine 3600
In the printing industry, speed and cost are the two important factors that determine market success. Konica Minolta has responded to market demand by launching the AccurioMachine 3600, helping enterprise customers seize market opportunities and enhance product competitiveness. Its unique solution is mainly used for 2D and 3D effects of polishing and hot stamping, which is lower in cost and requires fewer steps compared to traditional methods. The AccurioMachine 3600 adopts a fully digital design, equipped with industry-leading artificial intelligence automatic scanning technology, and equipped with an environmentally friendly LED drying system. Compact body, extraordinary strength, excellent post-press processing ability endows printed products with strong visual impact, enhances the competitiveness of printed products, and creates more profits for enterprise users.
personalized jewelry box

AccurioMachine 3600+iFoil One post-processing efficiency enhancing digital printing machine

AccurioPress C7100 series
The output speed of the AccurioPress C7100 series can reach 100 pages/minute/A4 (AccurioPress C7100) and 90 pages/minute/A4 (AccurioPress C7090), with a printing thickness of up to 400g/m2 (single/double-sided), and the AccurioPress C7100 series can maintain 100% output speed regardless of paper thickness. The maximum monthly print volume of the AccurioPress C7100 series can reach 1.8 million/A4 (AccurioPress C7100) and 1.62 million/A4 (AccurioPress C7090), ensuring strong efficiency to help users shorten turnover cycles.
The AccurioPress C7100 series uses Konica Minolta's image processing technology S E. A.D.X, combined with 16 laser beams, produces a printing resolution equivalent to 3600dpi × 2400dpi, with finer and more stunning image quality.
personalized jewelry box

AccurioPress C7100/C7090 Color Production Digital Printing System - Ricoh

RICOH IM CW2200, equipped with printing, copying, and scanning functions as standard, is specially designed for enterprises mainly engaged in CAD drawing and other large format documents (A1/A0) business, providing a perfect solution to meet the needs of these enterprises. High quality and high-precision documents such as on-site floor plans, technical drawings, and design drawings can be easily scanned and printed at impressive speeds. At the same time, functional improvements have been made on the basis of previous generation products, making the device more intelligent and easier to operate. Integrate three functions into one device, save space, intelligently operate, greatly improve production efficiency, and help users achieve a smooth and strategic operation mode on the job site.
personalized jewelry box

RICOH IM CW2200 - Epson

Epson SureLab D1080
SL-D1080 is a new dry photo printing device launched by Epson in 2022. "Live Color" 6-color ink configuration, micro piezoelectric printing head, and brand new nozzle technology ensure vivid and high-quality photo output. Faster printing speed and longer lifespan bring customers a brand new value for money experience.
The double-sided photo borderless continuous automatic printing function is equipped with three connection methods, including wireless network, wide media applicability, and custom size printing mode. In addition to providing high-quality photo output protection, it brings new inspiration and possibilities for customized photo album output. This is a professional and deeply rooted brand in the printing field, and we have been using the equipment of this brand. For custom personalized jewelry box factories, sampling is inevitable. This equipment can quickly print the effect and sample for us, and the printing color is basically consistent with the recognition of large printing equipment.

Kodak Dingsheng 7000 Turbo full-color inkjet drum printing machine
This printing machine adopts Kodak Stream inkjet technology, with a printing speed of up to 410 meters per minute, which is currently nearly 35% faster than similar products on the market; If produced 24/7, the monthly printing volume can exceed 200 million A4 pages.
The maximum web width supported by the printing machine is 648 millimeters, with a variable cutting length of up to 1372 millimeters. It can be printed on various copperplate paper, offset paper, newsprint, specialty paper, and recycled paper.
The Kodak Dingsheng 7000 Turbo printer offers three optimized printing modes and resolutions: quality mode -600x900dpi, performance mode -600x600dpi, and ultra fast mode -600x450dpi, which are widely used in various printing applications, including direct mail, catalogs, magazines, books, and newspaper brushes.
personalized jewelry box

Kodak Dingsheng 7000 Turbo full-color inkjet drum printing machine

Kodak Dingsheng ULTRA 520 full-color digital inkjet printer
The Kodak Dingsheng ULTRA 520 digital printing machine provides offset grade quality and production capacity output at the price of inkjet printing. Its resolution is 600x1800dpi (equivalent to 200lpi), and the printing resolution remains unchanged at a high speed of 150 meters per minute. The Kodak Dingsheng ULTRA 520 digital printing machine provides full-color 4-color output, with a maximum web width of 533 millimeters and a printing width of up to 520 millimeters.
The Kodak Dingsheng ULTRA 520 digital printing machine is compact in design and can produce up to 60 million pages of top-quality pages per month. This printing machine is based on an open structured interface and can be integrated with the user's existing configuration, whether it is a dual assembly workflow, offline, near line, or specialized online post-press processing equipment.
personalized jewelry box

Kodak Dingsheng ULTRA 520 full-color digital inkjet printer - Fangzheng

Fangzheng Jieying P4400CHD/5600CHD/6600CHD Color Inkjet Rotary Printing Machine
This device is the first domestically launched 1200dpi high-definition color inkjet rotary printing machine, with high-quality pigment ink and realistic color reproduction. Our independent brand high-speed RIP cluster meets the quality needs of mid to high end printed products in on-demand publishing, commercial printing, government printing, newspapers, and other markets. Whether it is digital paper or regular double adhesive paper, it can achieve first-class printing quality. Industrial grade batch production capacity, maximum printing speed of 150 meters/minute, roll to roll and line cutting scheme, flexible configuration according to user needs.
personalized jewelry box

Fangzheng Jieying 1200dpi inkjet rotary printing machine

Fangzheng Jieying S330 single sheet inkjet printing machine
Founder's first single sheet inkjet printing machine with complete independent intellectual property rights, adopts a dual mouth mode, single mode group printing on both sides, and cooperates with Founder's completely independently developed circular ink supply system and new DFE printing control system; This single sheet inkjet printer has advantages such as high productivity, high quality, low cost, and multiple application scenarios. It is aimed at business printing factories, fast printing stores, and other enterprise users, sharing the market competitive advantages brought by inkjet technology and single sheet paper applications with you. This device is mainly used for printing labels and stickers. We also frequently use personalized jewelry paper box packaging in our field. Many emerging jewelry brands, in order to promote their own jewelry brands, are not suitable for mass customization of personalized jewelry box. They will purchase our jewelry packaging boxes in stock and then attach custom personalized jewelry box packaging labels to achieve a personal brand effect. It won't cost too much.
personalized jewelry box

Fangzheng Jieying S300 single sheet inkjet printing machine - holy virtue

Shengde Wonderful M440C/M680C Color High Speed Inkjet Printing Machine
High quality full-color inkjet printing is beyond imagination, with a maximum resolution of 1600dpi and a maximum speed of 150m/min.
The leading high-precision and high-speed inkjet printing engine, combined with excellent overall structural design, ensures stable and reliable high-speed, high-quality output.
Unique step-by-step nozzle maintenance method to avoid ink waste caused by nozzle maintenance; Effectively improving production stability and ink utilization.
Special environmentally friendly water-based pigment ink, with excellent printing adaptability, as well as resistance to light and fading, making printed products timeless.
personalized jewelry box

Shengde Wonderful M440C/M680C Color High Speed Inkjet Printing Machine - Runtian Zhi

Caishen high-speed inkjet rotary printing machine Phenix-330
★ Equipped with a 1200dpi industrial grade on-demand piezoelectric nozzle, supporting double-sided black and white/color printing
★ The highest stable printing speed reaches 100m/min, supporting a paper feed width of 350/440/660mm
★ The printing accuracy can achieve an error of no more than 0.1mm in double-sided mode
★ Adopting an integrated design, it automatically completes the output of stacked misalignment and book splitting

Caishen High Speed Scanning Corrugated Paper Digital Printing Machine C25h Pro
★ Equipped with EPSON S3200 nozzle, 4-level grayscale, for on-demand printing
★ Efficient and stable production, with a maximum printing speed of 1200 ㎡/h
★ The industry's first automated adjustment of paper height and width, with automatic alignment function
★ System modularization, convenient operation, and support for online upgrades

In 2023, Kurz launched reliable third-generation DM-JETLINER and DM-UNILINER 2D digital hot stamping devices through design upgrades and customized features.
Offline solution equipped with inkjet technology, suitable for narrow format printing industry
◆ Work independently without relying on printing operation systems
◆ One stop solution: including equipment, consumables, and services sourced from Kurz
◆ Can be used for front or back printing, with great flexibility
◆ Able to perform post press hot stamping/post press printing with a high positioning accuracy of ± 0.2mm
The label will not deform during winding and can be processed smoothly in the subsequent process
personalized jewelry box

DM-UNILINER 2D independent digital hot stamping machine - Pinghu Yinghou

ECOBINDER intelligent gluing machine is the latest highly intelligent and future oriented fully automatic gluing machine launched by Pinghu Yinghou Machinery Co., Ltd. In addition to manually inputting the cover size on the touch screen, book thickness data is automatically collected by an automatic thickness measuring device. It can be produced online or operated independently to meet various production needs. Customized personalized box packaging factories must be equipped with sufficient equipment, and hot stamping is a process commonly used in many customized personalized jewelry box packaging. This is a high-end and cool craft, with a dazzling metal number on the surface of personalized jewelry box paper packaging. Let the entire jewelry box complement the beautiful jewelry inside. This is the most commonly used process for custom personalized jewelry packaging paper boxes. But the sampling time of this process is long, often requiring an additional three days. Since adopting this digital hot stamping machine, our hot stamping process sampling time has been directly reduced from three days to 5 minutes. This greatly reduces the time required for custom personalized jewelry box.
personalized jewelry box

ECOBINDER fully automatic gluing machine

In 2024, digital printing equipment manufacturers continue to innovate and carry out technological innovations to support the high-quality development of digital printing. At a new starting point in the new year, let's work together and do our best to open a new chapter!

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