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Shenzhen I T I S Packaging Products Co., Ltd. located in Bao'an District, Shenzhen city, with convenient transportation assess and modern showroom. We are specializing in various types of printing and packaging products, Customized jewelry box, ring box, earring box, bracelet box, necklace box, etc. We are a professional of custom jewelry box  manufacturer. Most important is that we provide one-stop service from design, production to delivery.
ITIS A Custom Jewelry Packaging Box Factory
ITIS Jewelry Packaging Factory
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Magnetic Gift Box Automatic Line

3000 units per hour, far exceeding the efficiency of manual labor of 500 units, saving more costs

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QC for Printing Paper

The QC details and importance of printing paper can completely avoid subsequent delivery and quality issues.

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Fully Automatic Assembly Machine

2000 units per hour, far exceeding the efficiency of manual labor of 500 units, saving more costs

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Fully Automatic Cornering Machine

5000 units per hour, far exceeding the efficiency of manual labor of 600 units, and more cost-effective

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Fully Automatic Line

The fully automatic jewelry gift box: 1. Fully automatic cornering machine 2. Fully automatic paper feeder 3. Fully automatic robotic arm 4. Fully automatic packaging machine

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Pantone Color Printing

Pantone color printing meets the brand recognition of customized jewelry boxes.

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Double Door Gift Box

Double door gift box also known as double door magnetic box due to its magnetic closure.

book style jewelry gift box.jpg
Magnetic Closure Gift Box

Our custom magnet gift box has magnets to open and close, so it is also known as a magnet gift box; Also known as a book shaped gift box;

OME jewelry packaging paper box printed.jpg
Lid & Base with Edge Box

Similar to a regular Lid and base box, adding an inner box as the border will be much more upscale and expensive than a regular Lid and base box.

Lid And Base Box

The box is divided into two parts: Lid and base, so it is called Lid and base box.

Introduction to the Process of ITIS Custom Personalized Jewelry Box Packaging Factory
  • The first step is to customize the design of personalized jewelry boxes
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    The first step in customizing personalized jewelry packaging boxes is design. You can directly send us the design documents you have already prepared for our business. Our project will be adjusted according to your structural requirements to meet the production requirements. You can also give us your demands. Our designers will make the first draft within one day based on your personalized jewelry box requirements. We will provide three design proposals for you to choose from. Then we will design and adjust the details based on the plan you have selected. Normally, we will communicate continuously within one to three days to complete the design of the customized personalized jewelry box packaging you need.
  • The second step is the selection of personalized jewelry box materials and craftsmanship
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    The second step in customizing personalized jewelry packaging boxes is the selection of materials and craftsmanship. In the early stage of communication, we completed the document design. We will select suitable paper materials for you, and the results produced by different types of paper will vary. So we will recommend 3-5 types of paper materials based on the design of the personalized jewelry paper box packaging. At the same time, different personalized customization processes such as printing, UV printing, hot stamping, laminating, embossing, embossing, etc. will be suggested for different papers. Each process will bring a different experience, but these need to be matched with the design and paper to display the best results. As a professional custom personalized jewelry box factory. While providing these suggestions. We will provide some samples of relevant processes for reference. This can assist you in making intuitive choices.
  • The third step is to create personalized jewelry gift box packaging samples
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    After the document design is completed and the selection of paper materials and processes is completed. Our engineers will make samples based on the detailed requirements of the customized personalized jewelry packaging gift box. We have a complete set of equipment for making personalized jewelry packaging gift box samples. The sample production equipment is a simplified version of mass production. If digital printing machines, digital die-cutting machines, digital UV printing machines, digital hot stamping machines, and so on, these are all devices designed for sample making. With the assistance of these customized personalized jewelry gift boxes. We can showcase the physical effect of this personalized jewelrygift box packaging to customers in the shortest possible time. So as to determine whether it meets the personalized customization needs of customers in the shortest possible time. Having physical samples in hand allows for better adjustment of details and re production of samples. This can shorten the time of the sample process and greatly save communication costs for customers.
  • The fourth step is mass production of personalized jewelry box packaging
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    After the confirmation of the customized personalized jewelry box packaging sample, it enters the production process. Before the formal production scheduling, engineers will arrange for corresponding business coordinators, quality inspectors, and production coordinators. Four parties will hold a comprehensive box review meeting to review the process and production details of the sample together. Business tracking will raise customer demands such as effectiveness, quality, delivery time, packaging requirements, etc. The quality inspector needs to evaluate various risks of the order, such as paper issues, process issues, etc. Production tracking needs to be evaluated in his professional field, such as whether the bulk product can achieve the same effect as the packaging sample of the personalized jewelry box, whether the delivery time can be met, and whether various production costs will exceed the budget. After the final review, work order arrangements will be made. Everything will follow the production process of our personalized jewelry box packaging factory in the future. It is not until the final shipment is completed that the entire process of custom personalized jewelry box packaging is considered complete.


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