Custom Jewelry Packaging Printing Factory

Custom Jewelry Packaging Printing Factory
Take You To The First Field Of Custom Jewelry Packaging Printing As A Printing Factory
The first step in the production of all paper packaging boxes is production. As a custom jewelry packaging factory, it has higher requirements for color. Our latest model of 8-color printing machine can meet various requirements for ultra-high printing quality. This is also the first element that has enabled us to develop in the custom jewelry packaging box printing market for over 20 years.
custom jewelry packaging
The Birth of Jewelry Packaging Box Samples
Here is our custom jewelry packaging box, covering the entire process from design to final product, allowing you to know how your jewelry packaging box gradually transforms from scratch into a box held in your hand.
Document Proofreading
For custom jewelry packaging and printing documents, our engineering personnel will provide detailed proofreading of relevant content, which will be preliminarily proofread by junior engineers and then confirmed by senior engineers.​​​​​​​
Printing Publishing
The current CTP version can save costs and achieve plate making quickly, so it can enable our jewelry packaging printing factory to better meet the timeliness needs of customers.
Printing Color
Jewelry brands will pay great attention to the color of jewelry packaging printing. Our company has multiple colorists with over 15 years of experience, and we can achieve 99% color matching effect.
Batch Printing
Only after confirming that all details are correct, can we print all the printing paper needed for mass production in large quantities. This is also the first step in the production of custom jewelry packaging box.
Structural orientation of OEM jewelry packaging
The following are various box types and structures that we commonly use, and the positions of different structures correspond to the reference positions during graphic design. This will be more beneficial for designers to clearly identify the positions of packaging boxes with different structures when custom jewelry packaging box design.
custom jewelry packaging drawer box

When designing jewelry drawer boxes, special attention should be paid to the design of the outer box, because the outer box is fully displayed, as shown in position 1 on the front. More attention should be paid to the design of some craft elements.

custom jewelry paper packaging
custom book style jewelry paper packaging

The process of opening a jewelry book box is like flipping open a book. The front of the box with this structure, as shown in position 1 in the picture, and the inner lining, as shown in position 7 in the picture, are important display positions for this box type.

custom jewelry packaging bag
OEM jewelry packaging bag

The two sides of the jewelry paper bag are the front, making paper design relatively simple. Just put the important design content on the two sides.

OEM jewelry packaging box
custom foldable packaging box

The foldable jewelry box is designed to save transportation and storage, and its important position is also the front and lining.

OEM jewelry packaging box
OEM magnetic jewelry packaging box

This magnetic book box without a front cover has fewer front covers than a regular book box, and its design focus is on the front and inner lining.

OEM jewelry packaging paper box
OEM lid and base jewelry paper packaging box
The design focus of the lid and base jewelry box is on the canopy, with the front and all four sides of the canopy being the best viewing positions, and heavy content jewelry placed on the front of the lid.
custom jewelry packaging box
Custom duble door jewelry packaging box

The design of a double door jewelry packaging box focuses on the front, and it is important to note that the design at the middle junction of the doors that open on both sides must correspond. Otherwise, the produced effect will be greatly discounted.

Professional OME Jewelry Packaging Team
Custom jewelry packaging box should not be careless in terms of color design, paper selection, process selection, and structure selection. It is necessary to make the optimal combination based on the nature of the jewelry brand.
  • Color Design for jewelry packaging
    Choose the custom jewelry packaging spot color that belongs to your company's brand, and continue to use it from design onwards to make your brand color your exclusive.
  • Special paper for jewelry paper packaging
    There are countless types of special paper used to custom jewelry paper packaging boxes, but finding the one that best suits your jewelry brand can make it your exclusive and a permanent memory of your jewelry brand.
  • Craftsmanship of Jewelry Packaging Factory
    The surface treatment of the main box of jewelry packaging is diverse, and each surface treatment can bring a different visual impact. Every jewelry packaging factory can be familiar with the application of these processes.
  • Drawer jewelry packaging box
    The drawer jewelry box structure is a very popular and popular jewelry packaging box among young people, as shown in the picture, paired with blessing cards and customized jewelry packaging box for jewelry cloth bags. It is a very popular style.
  • Cylindrical jewelry packaging
    The customization of cylindrical jewelry boxes is becoming increasingly popular nowadays. The circular structure symbolizes perfection and beauty, and jewelry is also synonymous with beauty. Therefore, the packaging of customized jewelry box packaging on cylindrical structures is also becoming more and more popular.
  • Book shaped jewelry box
    A jewelry packaging box with a deep red book shaped box structure, the complete series includes comprehensive packaging of rings, necklaces, bracelets, and earrings. This makes it more convenient for brand merchants to have a comprehensive selection of custom jewelry packaging box.


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