Custom Earring Box Packaging Printing Factory

Custom Earring Packaging box Printing Factory
Complete The Entire Process Of Custom Personalized Earring Box Packaging Factory.
Starting from the design of each customized personalized earring box packaging, we need to integrate the style of the earrings. Based on the target market and customer demands, our designers will combine these with production processes to make reasonable designs. Afterwards, the entire process of custom earring packaging boxes will proceed smoothly
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Customized Earring Box Factory
Customized design, paper, structure, and process introduction for personalized earring box packaging
ITIS Custom Earring Paper Box Factory
Choose Inner Tray for Custom Personalized Earring Box Packaging Factory
Have you ever hesitated over a delicate earring? Would you like to store your earrings in a unique and personalized box? Now, with custom earring boxes, you can fulfill this wish! Our earring box factory provides you with professional personalized earring box packaging services, among which the selection of inner brackets is particularly important. Different earring structures require different forms of inner brackets to showcase the beauty of the earrings and protect their safety.

In the process of customizing personalized earring box packaging, we will provide you with the most suitable inner tray selection based on your needs and the characteristics of the earrings. There can be sponge inner tray, paper card inner tray, and cloth bag. Whether you are pursuing minimalist fashion or romantic warmth, we can meet your personalized needs and make your earring paper box packaging a unique artwork.

Choose ITIS custom earring paper box packaging factory, and you will have a perfect personalized earring packaging box. The careful matching of the inner tray will showcase the delicate quality of the earrings. Let's create a unique custom earring box packaging together, showcasing your unique taste and personality!
  • Sponge inner tray for custom earring box

    When customizing personalized earring packaging boxes, sponge inner trays are the most commonly used. It is soft and elastic, able to tightly wrap the earrings, preventing collisions and friction during transportation. The material of the sponge inner support is gentle and skin friendly, which will not cause any damage to the earrings, while also providing a comfortable touch. When you open the custom earring box, the earrings will elegantly display in front of you, making you feel surprised and satisfied.

  • Paper inner tray for custom personalized earring box

    Paper card inner tray is another common option for inner tray. It is made of paper material, lightweight and environmentally friendly. The paper card holder can be customized according to the shape and size of the earrings, providing stable support and display effects for the earrings. Its minimalist design and rustic texture can highlight the delicacy and quality of earrings, making your earrings more eye-catching. At the same time, paper cardboard is also the best way to promote the brand. Many custom personalized earring boxes are customized using paper card holders. Because it is used to fix the inner part of the earrings and can also be used for various printing and packaging processes on paper cards. You can print instructions for using earrings, print some promotional advertisements, and so on.

  • velvet small bag for custom earring box
    The inner support of a velvet small bag is a unique choice. It is made of soft velvet material, providing a warm and comfortable environment for the earrings. The velvet small bag holder not only protects the earrings from scratches and damage, but also adds a touch of warmth and romance to the earrings. When you take out the earrings from the velvet bag, it feels like you feel a unique sense of ceremony, taking your love for earrings to the next level. It is a common choice to customize a cloth bag to replace other inner supports while custom earring box packaging. The cloth bag can be recycled. When customers buy jewelry, they may throw away other packaging, but the cloth bag will definitely be retained. Because this itself is a lightweight jewelry protection bag. You can also customize your logo on the cloth bag to achieve brand promotion effect.


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