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Serving the personalized jewelry packaging industry

Shenzhen ITIS Packaging Products Co., Ltd. located in Bao'an District, Shenzhen city, with convenient transportation assess and modern showroom. We are a professional manufacturer of custom personalized jewelry packaging boxes. We often make customized personalized packaging such as personalized bracelet packaging boxes, personalized ring packaging boxes, personalized necklace packaging boxes, personalized earring packaging boxes, and so on. Most important is that we provide one-stop service from design, production to delivery.
Professional Custom Personalized Paper Box Packaging Factory
We have an excellent technical team that can design according to customer requirements. We excel in packaging various types of jewelry boxes, such as rings, bracelets, necklaces, earrings, and so on.
20 years of professional personalized  jewelry packaging box factory, capable of providing customized services for any form of jewelry box packaging...
With years of industry experience, we are well aware of the customization requirements for custom personalized ring box packaging...
We are very familiar with bracelets as jewelry, so we have various mature solutions for customizing personalized  bracelet packaging boxes...
For long necklaces, we have a custom personalized necklaces packaging box  solution that is very suitable for them...
For custom personalized earring packaging paper box, our top priority is the design of the inner tray, which directly affects...
We are a professional custom personalized jewelry packaging factory that can meet your various customization needs...
   Contribute to our professional design and R & D departments, we can help our customer adjust the artwork immediately and finish sampling within 1-2 days, then proceed the mass production in short time.

   Through these years' great effort and development, now our Shenzhen ITIS has 200 employees and 6 8 0 0 square meters. Under the condition of continual employing and training professional technical personnel, purchasing advanced software and equipment, we can afford high quality and efficient productions. We have a lot of advanced equipments, such as automatic die-cutting machines, omnipotence folding paper machines and automatic glue-binding machines. Our company has integrity and quality management system, environmental system and heavy metal control system.


Introduction to Customized Personalized Jewelry Packaging

Introduction to personalized jewelry packaging machines
Custom personalized jewelry box packaging printing
Printing and color matching are important steps in customizing personalized jewelry packaging, as color is crucial for presenting the appearance and appeal of the product. In this process, using spot color printing can provide many advantages, including ensuring 100% restoration of the customer's desired appearance and ensuring consistency in the color effect of each print.
Spot color printing is a technique that uses specific colored ink for printing. Compared to traditional four color printing (cyan, magenta, yellow, black), spot color printing uses special ink and color palettes to mix and match specific colors. This method can more accurately reproduce specific colors, making printed materials more in line with customer requirements.
Using spot color printing can ensure 100% restoration of the desired appearance for customers. For customized personalized jewelry packaging gift boxes, customers may have specific color requirements to match their brand image or product style. Spot color printing can accurately reproduce these colors, making the printed product completely consistent with customer expectations. This is particularly important for personalized jewelry paper packaging as it needs to showcase high quality and luxury.
In addition, spot color printing can ensure consistency in the color effect of each print. In traditional four color printing, due to the mixing of ink and the influence of printer performance, there may be slight differences in the colors printed each time. Spot color printing uses specific ink and color palettes to better control the accuracy and consistency of colors. This means that every personalized jewelry packaging printing will have the same color effect, whether it is the first printing or repeated printing.
In summary, using spot color printing is very advantageous for customizing personalized jewelry packaging printing. It can ensure 100% restoration of the appearance that customers want and ensure consistency in the color effect of each print. This will add high quality and luxury to personalized jewelry packaging box, enhancing the attractiveness and value of the product.
  • Personalized jewelry packaging production line

    The fully automatic production line for personalized jewelry paper packaging is an essential equipment for every customizes personalized jewelry packaging supplier. The fully automatic assembly line can make the production of jewelry packaging boxes more stable. Both in terms of quality and efficiency. At the same time, it can also greatly save our production costs. This greatly enhances our price competitive advantage.

  • Die-cutting machinery for personalized jewelry packaging
    The function of a die-cutting machine is to cut the entire sheet of paper into the desired shape. This is based on the standard cross cutting of the knife mold line used in the personalized jewelry packaging design document. There are cardboard die-cutting and tissue paper die-cutting, respectively. After cutting out standard materials, arrange for box production on the assembly line.
  • Personalized jewelry paper packaging design team
    Every engineer at the ITIS custom personalized jewelry packaging supplier must be versatile. They have all grown up in our workshop. Understand how each process is produced. I have experienced various problems with each process. I have also participated in business order taking, and they communicate with customers like salespeople. Can understand each customer's demands for design and craftsmanship. So our customized personalized jewelry packaging engineering team can always solve relevant problems for customers in the first time. So as to start the production of personalized jewelry packaging gift box orders for customers as quickly as possible.
  • Personalized custom jewelry packaging manual production line
    Personalized jewelry box manual production line, ITIS customized personalized jewelry packaging factory, in addition to equipped with fully automatic equipment, we will also configure some semi-automatic or manual production lines. Personalized jewelry packaging printing customization often starts with small batch production. Fully automated production lines and online machine adjustments can be time-consuming and require more materials, which is not suitable for small batch orders. But our factory's semi-automatic and manual production lines can flexibly solve this problem. Because our employees are all experienced employees with over 10 years of experience, the quality of the customized personalized jewelry paper packaging they produce is not inferior to that of fully automated ones. Some complex processes can actually be done better.
The Importance of FSC Certification for Customized Jewelry Personalized Paper Packaging Supplier
  • The necessity of FSC certification for personalized jewelry packaging supplier
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    In today's society that emphasizes environmental protection and sustainable development, more and more enterprises are paying attention to the impact of their products and production processes on the environment. For customized personalized jewelry paper packaging supplier, FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certification is a very important certification. It not only proves that the enterprise is responsible for the environment, but also enhances its reputation and market competitiveness.
    Personalized jewelry packaging is an important element that emphasizes details and quality. It not only provides protection for jewelry, but also conveys brand image and values. However, many traditional packaging materials, such as plastic and synthetic fibers, have caused serious environmental impacts. That's why personalized jewelry packaging factory should seek FSC certification.
    FSC certification is an internationally recognized forest management certification system aimed at promoting sustainable forestry and forest conservation. By obtaining FSC certification, custom personalized jewelry box packaging factory can ensure that the paper materials they use come from sustainably managed forests. This means that the forest ecosystem is protected, and logging activities follow the principles of sustainable development, while also ensuring the rights of forest workers.
    Obtaining FSC certification has multiple benefits for personalized jewelry packaging supplier. Firstly, the certification mark can serve as a symbol of corporate environmental responsibility, conveying the company's commitment to environmental protection to customers. This helps to enhance customer trust and recognition of the product, and enhance brand image.
    Secondly, FSC certification also helps to explore new market opportunities. More and more consumers are paying attention to environmental issues and choosing to purchase products that comply with sustainable development principles. By obtaining FSC certification, custom personalized jewelry packaging supplier can meet this demand, attract more environmentally conscious consumers, and expand market share.
    In addition, FSC certification can also improve the transparency of a company's supply chain. Through FSC certification, personalized jewelry packaging paper box supplier can trace the source of the paper materials they use, ensuring the sustainability and compliance of the paper materials. This helps to reduce supply chain risks and meets the requirements of some corporate ethics and sustainable procurement policies.
  • Detailed information on the FSC certification process for custom personalized jewelry packaging supplier
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    The process of FSC certification usually includes the following steps:
    1. Preparation Stage: Personalized jewelry packaging supplier need to understand the standards and requirements of FSC certification, and evaluate whether they meet these requirements. At this stage, companies can seek the help of professional consulting firms to ensure smooth preparation work.
    2. Application Stage: Personalized jewelry packaging supplier need to submit an application to FSC certification bodies and provide relevant documents and information, including the company's operations, procurement policies, supply chain management, paper procurement records, etc. The preparation of application materials needs to ensure accuracy, completeness, and compliance with FSC certification requirements.
    3. Review Stage: The FSC certification agency will review the application materials for personalized jewelry paper packaging supplier and conduct on-site inspections. The purpose of the audit is to verify whether the enterprise meets the standards and requirements of FSC certification. Reviewers will conduct a detailed investigation and evaluation of the company's operations, procurement policies, supply chain management, etc.
  • FSC organization's supervision of customized personalized jewelry paper packaging supplier
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    1. Improvement stage: If any areas that do not meet FSC certification requirements are found during the audit process, the personalized jewelry paper packaging supplier needs to make improvements and provide corresponding proof documents. The improvement may involve adjustments to the supply chain, improvements to procurement policies, and the improvement of documents and records.
    2. Certification Decision: After completing the review and improvement, the FSC certification body will conduct a final evaluation of the application for personalized jewelry packaging supplier and make a certification decision. If the enterprise successfully passes the certification, it will obtain the right to use the FSC certification mark and be listed in the public database of FSC certification.
    3. Supervision and Maintenance: Obtaining FSC certification does not mean the end of the task. Custom personalized jewelry box packaging supplier need to undergo regular supervision and audit by FSC certification agencies to ensure their continuous compliance with FSC certification requirements. Enterprises need to regularly submit relevant reports and records, and undergo on-site inspections.
  • FSC certification brings authority to personalized jewelry packaging box supplier
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    By completing the above process, custom personalized jewelry packaging supplier can obtain FSC certification, demonstrating their commitment to environmental protection and sustainable development. This will help enhance the reputation and market competitiveness of enterprises, and meet the increasing demand of consumers for environmentally friendly products.
    Please note that the above is a general introduction and process details for FSC certification, and the specific certification process may vary depending on the certification agency and region. It is recommended that personalized jewelry packaging box supplier have a detailed understanding of the relevant certification requirements and processes before applying for FSC certification, and cooperate with professional organizations to ensure smooth certification.


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