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Custom Jewelry Box Paper Packaging Factory Industry Information

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Craftsmanship for custom jewelry boxes                                                

  • Film covering

    As the name suggests, it is to add a layer of protective film to the printing paper, which can be waterproof, protect the printing effect, and reduce damage to the material. Especially in custom jewelry box packaging with high printing requirements, it is more commonly used. Generally, lamination is only applied on coated paper, and only by laminating on coated paper can it be tightly adhered to the paper. If laminating on non coated paper, many fine bubbles will be generated, and the coated film will be easily peeled off.

  • Overoil
    Oil coating is mainly used to protect the printing effect. Both coated and uncoated paper can be oil coated. By applying a layer of oil on the surface paper, the printed color will not fade so easily, and the cost of oil coating will be cheaper than that of lamination. For coated paper, it is usually necessary to protect the printing effect, and for lower price situations, oil coating will be chosen; Or products that are not suitable for laminating, such as folding, brochure pages, envelopes, etc., may choose to use oil to protect the printing effect; There is also non coated paper that cannot be glued, so oil can only be chosen to protect the printing effect. Usually, when custom jewelry box paper packaging with white cow, we use oil protection to ensure good printing effect and prevent color fading.
  • Spot UV
    The process of UV printing, also known as silk screen printing, can be performed on any paper. However, if the texture is deep, the UV effect may be slightly lacking. Additionally, UV presents a bright surface effect, so UV treatment is generally not added on top of photoresist. Custom jewelry paper box packaging will highlight important parts, such as brand logos.
  • Hot foil stamping: Golden/Silver

    Hot stamping process: Similar to UV technology, it is to highlight the uniqueness of the brand when custom jewelry paper packaging box. Make an electric plate (also known as a mold), which is carved according to the customer's requirements. After heating the electric plate, the gold material (which can have many different colors collectively referred to as gold material) is pressed onto the paper. High temperature and high pressure can make the gold material hot stamping on the paper according to the shape we need, Or on other fabrics (such as fabric, leather, PVC, etc.), the hot stamping materials used for each different material are different and cannot be mixed.

  • Embossing/debossing

    The process of embossing/embossing is similar to that of hot stamping, in that both require the preparation of an electrical board and the application of high pressure to press the desired pattern onto the surface of the paper, creating a raised or recessed pattern. Convex/concave stimulation does not require heating or metal support. This sudden change is more difficult than UV and hot stamping to highlight the logo part of the custom jewelry packaging box, because whether it is convex or concave, in addition to visual impact, there are also layers in the hand feel, which will leave a particularly deep impression on people.

Full Demand Prediction for Customized Jewelry Packaging Boxes

As the global market recovers, we welcome major jewelry brands to come and customize jewelry packaging boxes. ITIS Customized Jewelry Packaging Box Factory, we are fully prepared to provide high-quality and cost-effective customized jewelry packaging box factories for jewelry brands. We also provide one-stop customization services from design to production.

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Introduction to Custom Jewelry Paper Box Packaging Factory
  • Design Plan for Custom Jewelry Box Factory
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    Designers custom jewelry box packaging based on customer requirements. Firstly, the designer will consider the structure of the custom jewelry packaging box and choose the appropriate box type based on the customer's product type and size, such as square, circular, heart-shaped, etc., to ensure that the gift box matches the jewelry. Secondly, size is also an important consideration in the design, ensuring that the gift box can perfectly accommodate and protect jewelry, while being easy to carry and display.
    Color is another important element in design. Designers will choose appropriate color schemes based on the customer's brand image and jewelry characteristics to enhance the attractiveness of customized jewelry paper boxes and their coordination with jewelry. In addition, designers will also consider the selection of materials, such as double copper paper, white cow paper, special paper, etc., to meet the customer's requirements and budget.
    During the design process, designers will also consider the functionality and creativity of custom jewelry packaging boxes. They will think about how to make the custom jewelry gift box more practical and unique, such as adding internal partitions, designing special opening methods, or adding personalized decorative elements.
  • Sample Production For Custom Jewelry Paper Box Manufacturer
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    Once the design scheme for custom jewelry box packaging is determined, the engineering personnel of the custom jewelry box manufacturer will quickly take action and use the sample equipment they are proficient in to make customized jewelry box samples for customers.
    These sample devices are valuable tools for custom jewelry box manufacturer, and their efficiency and precision make the production process smoother and faster. Engineering personnel will carefully operate the sample equipment based on the box type, size, color, and material specified in the design plan, and convert the raw materials into exquisite jewelry box samples.
    The rapid production capability of sample equipment provides customers with a valuable opportunity to personally experience and evaluate the appearance and quality of customized jewelry boxes in a short period of time. This rapid process of making samples not only saves time, but also provides customers with more opportunities for selection and modification to ensure that the final customized jewelry box meets their expectations and needs.
    The engineering personnel of the custom jewelry paper box manufacturer pay attention to every detail when making samples, ensuring that the quality and appearance of the samples are completely consistent with the design scheme. Their technical proficiency and extensive experience make the sample making process more efficient and accurate.
    Through the use of sample equipment, custom jewelry box packaging manufacturer can quickly produce customized jewelry box samples that customers need, providing customers with an intuitive display and evaluation platform. This efficient production process not only demonstrates the professional capabilities of custom jewelry box factories, but also provides customers with confidence and assurance to ensure that the customized jewelry boxes they ultimately obtain fully meet their expectations and requirements.
    Whether it is the box type, size, color, or material, the sample equipment of custom jewelry box factories can quickly and accurately produce the samples that customers want. This efficient production process not only reduces customer waiting time, but also provides them with more opportunities for selection and modification to ensure the perfect presentation of the final customized jewelry box. The sample equipment of custom jewelry box factories is an important tool to meet customer needs, and their application enables custom jewelry box factories to efficiently and accurately meet customer customization needs.
  • Introduction to Sample Making for Customized Jewelry Packaging Boxes
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    In the custom jewelry packaging box factory, engineers start making corresponding printing documents based on the size and shape of the samples. These documents will become an important basis for the subsequent printing process. Engineers will carefully consider every detail to ensure that printed documents accurately reflect the customer's requirements and design solutions.
    Next, professional printing machines came in handy. The engineers put the cardboard into the printing machine and began the printing process. In this process, they need to pay special attention to the accuracy of colors and patterns. Through precise adjustment and calibration, engineers ensure that the printed cardboard is completely consistent with the design scheme, with bright colors and clear patterns.
    Every step in the printing process requires the professional skills and experience of engineers. They will choose the appropriate printing method and equipment based on different cardboard materials and printing requirements. Whether it is screen printing, offset printing, or digital printing, engineers will ensure high standards and consistency in printing quality.
    In the printing process of customized jewelry paper box packaging, engineers will also use some special techniques and processes, such as hot stamping, UV coating, etc., to increase the texture and attractiveness of the packaging. The application of these technologies makes customized jewelry paper box packaging more unique and exquisite.
    Finally, with the careful operation of the engineers and the efficient operation of the printing machine, the customized jewelry paper box packaging was successfully completed. The printed cardboard has high-quality printing effects, bright colors, clear patterns, and perfectly presents the requirements of the design scheme.
    The engineers at the custom jewelry packaging box factory use their professional skills and experience to ensure the accuracy and quality of the printing process. Their efforts have made custom jewelry paper box packaging an impressive piece of art, adding unique charm and value to customer products.
  • Introduction to the Process Processing of Customized Jewelry Paper Box Packaging
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    In custom jewelry box manufacturer, the post-processing technology is an important step in endowing custom jewelry paper box packaging with a unique charm. The die-cutting process accurately cuts the cardboard according to the shape of the box, ensuring that each box meets the design requirements and has a perfect shape. At the same time, the embossing process adds a unique texture and visual effect to the cardboard, making the packaging more exquisite and unique by adding patterns or text to the cardboard. The hot stamping process adds a sense of luxury to the customized jewelry paper box packaging, by ironing the metal foil onto the cardboard, making the box more textured and aesthetically pleasing.
    The exquisite application of these post-processing techniques not only makes the customized jewelry paper box packaging more unique and beautiful, but also adds unique value and attractiveness to the product. The craftsmen of custom jewelry packaging box manufacturer use exquisite skills and meticulous operations to turn each cardboard box into an artwork, adding unique charm and taste to customers' products. These craftsmanship processes not only enhance the product, but also inherit and reflect the spirit of craftsmanship and craftsmanship.
  • Assembly Introduction for Custom Jewelry Box Manufacturer
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    Our assembly workers pay great attention to details and will accurately fold the die-cut cardboard into the shape of a box. They will carefully check the angle of the box to ensure that each angle is accurate and error free. In addition, they will ensure that the size of the box is accurate and error free, to ensure that your jewelry can be perfectly placed in the box.
    During the assembly process, we use high-quality glue to bond the various parts of the box together. This ensures the firmness and durability of the box, providing maximum protection for your jewelry during transportation and display.
    We understand that jewelry, as a precious item, needs to be properly protected and displayed. Therefore, we are committed to providing the highest quality customized jewelry box packaging solutions to meet your various needs for jewelry packaging.
    Whether you need custom jewelry paper boxes, or other types of jewelry packaging boxes, we can provide you with professional services. Our craftsmanship and design team will work with you to ensure that your packaging boxes match your brand image and product style.
    By choosing our custom jewelry packaging box manufacturer, you will receive high-quality and exquisite custom jewelry paper box packaging, adding unique charm and value to your jewelry. Let's create an unforgettable jewelry packaging experience together!
  • Introduction to Quality Control in the Production Process of Custom Jewelry Gift Box
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    In our custom jewelry gift box factory, quality control is a crucial part of our production process. We pay attention to every detail to ensure that the customized jewelry gift box packaging produced meets customer requirements and standards.
    Throughout the entire production process, we conduct strict inspections covering dimensions, colors, printing quality, die-cutting quality, and other aspects. Our professional team will strictly monitor and inspect each production process to ensure that each gift box meets the highest quality standards.
    In terms of size, we will use precision measuring tools to ensure that the size of each box is accurate and error free. In terms of color and printing quality, we will conduct visual inspections and comparisons to ensure bright colors and clear printing. In terms of die-cutting quality, we will inspect the cardboard after die-cutting to ensure that the edges are neat and the lines are clear.
    We are well aware of the importance customers place on product quality, and therefore we are committed to providing the highest quality custom jewelry gift boxes. Through strict quality control and inspection processes, we ensure that each product meets the high standards of our customers, adding unparalleled value and quality to your jewelry packaging. Choose us to make your custom jewelry gift box packaging unique!
  • How to package and ship custom jewelry gift box?
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    In our custom jewelry gift box factory, we focus on providing customers with complete packaging and logistics solutions. Once the custom jewelry gift box is completed, we will use sturdy cardboard boxes for outer packaging to ensure that the gift box is intact during transportation.
    We are well aware that the integrity of gift boxes is crucial to our customers, so we are particularly cautious in the packaging process. We will choose the appropriate cardboard box based on the size and characteristics of the gift box, and use professional packaging methods to ensure that the gift box is protected to the maximum extent during transportation.
    Once the packaging is completed, we will arrange for a reliable courier company to ship the gift box to customers in a timely and safe manner. We have established long-term partnerships with multiple courier companies to ensure that your custom jewelry packaging gift box can be delivered to their destination in the fastest and safest way possible.
    Through our comprehensive packaging and logistics system, you can confidently deliver your custom jewelry gift box packaging to us, and we will ensure that they receive the best protection and care during transportation. Choose us to ensure that your custom jewelry gift box always exudes unique charm and quality during packaging and transportation.


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