Custom Jewelry Box

Custom Jewelry Box
Various paper materials are the primary material for custom jewelry box.
Only high-quality paper can produce high-quality jewelry boxes. We have sufficient inventory of basic roll paper such as double copper paper, white kraft paper, brown kraft paper, single powder cardboard, gray cardboard, etc. to cope with various situations. The price of paper fluctuates greatly every year, but ITIS custom jewelry box factory quotation to customers is always stable and never increases because we have sufficient inventory to provide customers with custom jewelry box at lower costs.
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custom jewelry box
Application and Inventory of Paper
Our team is able to transport all the paper materials involved in the custom jewelry box process.
Our paper material for custom jewelry box
As an old brand custom jewelry box factory, we have a deep understanding to used paper
Coated paper: refers to the surface of paper with a layer of coated surface, which feels like touching shiny leather when touched by hand. The ink printed or written on it is not easy to penetrate into the interior of the paper (more suitable for custom jewelry box that require bright colors), which can display colors more realistically. Coated paper is suitable for laminating (photoresist, matte, tactile film, etc.), just like electrostatic film is suitable for sticking to bright glass and is not easy to peel off. The ink on coated paper only adheres to the surface of the paper, and without surface treatment, it is easy to fade.

Non coated paper: Without a coating layer on the surface, ink can easily seep into the interior of the paper, resulting in a lighter color display. Non coated paper is not suitable for gluing, as there will be bubbles and easy delamination after gluing; Due to the lack of adhesive on non coated paper, when there are too many printing color spots, especially when it is made into a gift box, the edges and corners are prone to collision, color fading, and even edge bursting and rotting. But this production process is more environmentally friendly. If your custom jewelry packaging needs to be more natural and environmentally friendly, using this material is the most suitable.
  • Commonly used face paper

    Such as double copper paper, white kraft paper, brown kraft paper, black kraft paper, etc. These are the most commonly used face papers for custom jewelry packaging box. Of course, the corresponding characteristics are different, and each type of paper can produce different chemical reactions when used in custom jewelry paper box, bringing a very memorable image to your jewelry brand.

  • Special paper

    This belongs to a special category of paper, usually used for high-end custom jewelry packaging.
    1. Special paper with patterns should not be used for printing. It is suitable for products with simple production effects and is most suitable for processes such as hot stamping, screen printing, and embossing
    2. Non textured special paper: also divided into two types: (1) darker background color: not suitable for printing, similar to brown cattle, black cattle are suitable for making some simple effects of products, best used for some hot stamping, screen printing, embossing and other processes. (2) Lighter background color: can be used for printing technology.

  • Grey cardboard
    The gray cardboard is relatively thick and hard, which can support the structure of the box. We custom jewelry gift box using gray boards as the structural shape and adding mounting paper to achieve it.
    Grey board classification: (1) Double gray: Both sides are gray. Generally, when the box needs to be coated with printing paper inside, double gray will be used as a gift box; (2) Single white: one side is gray and the other side is white. If the customer does not request it, we usually use a single white gray board to make gift boxes if the box is white or light colored; (3) Single black: One side is gray and the other side is black. If the customer does not request it, we usually use a single black gray board to make a gift box when the box is black.
The characteristics of paper
How to apply the different characteristics of various types of paper to custom jewelry packaging.
custom jewelry box
Commonly used jewelry box face paper
This traditional custom jewelry box face paper has a high cost-effectiveness and good effect when used for customization. It usually requires a lot of consumption, so we have a large amount of inventory to cope with market fluctuations in raw material prices.
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Jewelry box special face paper
Special types of paper, due to their wide variety, cannot be used for inventory. However, we have collaborated with many suppliers as we have a long-term need for them. In order to ensure that the same batch of special paper can be used for sampling and bulk production, we need to confirm with the paper company that the largest batch of bulk paper is sufficient, starting from the sample paper when custom jewelry packaging.
Jewelry box shaped cardboard
There are many brands of cardboard that require different characteristics to meet the needs of different boxes. Our engineering team has analyzed various brands to determine which ones have better adhesion during dry production and which ones have stronger resilience and can be used to custom jewelry package like special shapes.
Craftsmanship on special paper
Different types of special paper will have corresponding and more suitable process designs, which will make custom jewelry package more prominent.
custom jewelry package
  • 01
    Hot stamping on special paper
    On rough special paper, the reflective effect of metal on hot stamping will make the originally thick custom jewelry package box shine brightly.
  • 02
    Special paper embossing
    On the elegant colors and light paper patterns, a concave convex logo effect is created, making the special paper jewelry box that is already exceptionally attractive and attractive appear more layered...
  • 03
    Local UV on special paper
    On the paper with a unique color, a layer of transparent local UV is applied, and the rough special paper suddenly has a local glossy effect, creating a finishing touch effect that brings the entire custom jewelry box to life.
FAQs For Paper
  • How to choose face paper?
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    The difference between coated paper and uncoated paper is that the colors printed on coated paper are more vivid and realistic, and surface treatment is necessary to prevent bright colors from fading easily. Although the color of non coated paper may not be as bright, it will appear natural. So no matter which material is used, the final decision depends mainly on the design color tone of your custom jewelry packaging. As a custom jewelry packaging factory, we can only provide you with professional advice.
  • When to choose special paper to custom jewelry box?
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    Because the characteristic of special paper is that it is already high-end and generally does not require too much printing or other surface treatment on it. We hope to fully embody the uniqueness of special paper itself in our custom jewelry paper box. So when using special paper to custom jewelry box, ITIS jewelry box factory will use more simple techniques to achieve high-end and simple jewelry packaging
  • How to choose the thickness and brand of cardboard?
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    Cardboard is the foundation of all paper jewelry boxes, and only by using cardboard as a structural support can high-end jewelry box packaging be achieved with various types of structures. So when custom jewelry box printing, it is necessary to choose the correct cardboard, which should not be too thick or too thin. Our engineers can provide the most suitable advice in this regard.
  • What are the principles for selecting paper materials for each type of jewelry box structure?
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    When custom jewelry packaging box, there is not much emphasis on the material selection of heaven and earth boxes, drawer boxes, and edge heaven and earth boxes. But for bookboxes, foldable bookboxes, etc., it is best to choose 1200g cardboard for laminating coated paper printing, because coated paper printing will be treated with glue, and these two types of boxes will have multiple folding requirements. The glued paper can meet the needs of multiple folding. Additionally, for jewelry boxes with high environmental requirements, it is best to use non coated materials. As a custom jewelry paper box factory, we can only provide you with professional advice.


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