Aircraft Box (Mailer Box)
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Aircraft Box (Mailer Box)


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Aircraft Box (Mailer Box)

Custom aircraft box (mailer box) printing related structures and production processes

The aircraft box, named after its shape that resembles an airplane spreading its wings when unfolded, is a unique and creative packaging box. The structural design of the mailer box is unique, suitable for mounting pits or directly using pit cardboard to ensure the shape of the box is intact after unfolding and avoid deformation. When designing aircraft boxes, try to use the minimum size as the height and the maximum size as the length to ensure the appearance and stability of the box, while also saving more paper materials, printing costs, lamination costs, and so on.

The structural characteristics of mailer boxes

The unique structure of mailer box stands out in packaging design. Usually composed of the bottom, wings on both sides, and a lid, it unfolds like an mailer spreading its wings, giving people a visual impact. It is crucial to choose appropriate materials and production processes to ensure the stability and shape integrity of mailer box. The application of this structural corrugated paper involves folding both sides back into shape, providing dual support. It can provide strong protection for products packaged in mailer boxes.

Material application and production process

Customized mailer boxes usually choose cardboard or paper cards as materials to ensure the stability and texture of the box. In the production process, professional printing and cutting techniques are used to ensure clear printing effects, bright colors, and a firm structure of the box. The production process of mailer box is relatively complex, requiring precise processing and assembly to ensure that the final product meets design requirements.

Applicable industries and customization needs

Mailer box, as a unique packaging form, are suitable for product packaging in various industries. Specially suitable for packaging high-end gifts, toys, stationery and other products, adding a unique and creative touch to the product. Customized mailer box printing can be designed according to customer needs, showcasing brand image and product characteristics, and enhancing the packaging attractiveness of products.


As a unique form of packaging, custom mailer boxes showcase creativity and a sense of design. By custom mailer box printing, companies can create a unique packaging image for their products and attract the attention of consumers. The custom mailer box factory provides customers with high-quality customized mailer box printing services through exquisite production processes and professional design teams, meeting the packaging needs of different industries and products. May our mailer box design add more brand value and creative charm to your products.


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