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Art Paper


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Art Paper

Good printing effect

Low cost

The most commonly used materials

Art paper is a type of coated paper, with a coating layer on both sides.

It refers to the surface of paper being coated with a layer of cloth, which feels like touching shiny leather when touched by hand.

The ink printed or written on it is not easy to penetrate into the interior of the paper (more suitable for printing brightly colored content) and can display colors more realistically.

Coated paper is suitable for laminating (photoresist, matte, tactile film, etc.), just like electrostatic film is suitable for sticking to bright glass and is not easy to peel off.

The ink on coated paper only adheres to the surface of the paper, and without surface treatment, it is easy to fade.

The commonly used art papers are as follows: Common grams: 80g, 105g, 128g, 157g, 200g, 250g, 300g, 350g, 400g.

1) Album: Commonly used 300g art as the cover (the cover will be treated with glue to protect the printing effect of the album and prevent easy damage)

The inner pages are commonly used for 157g or 128g art, and other grams of inner pages can be used at the request of customers.

2) Instructions and Folding: It is generally recommended to use 105g or 128g art paper for folding. If it is too thick, it is easy to produce creases, burst edges, and whitening after folding. Generally, folding is not recommended to be over film, otherwise the paper may shift and the folding may not be accurately folded.

3) Business card, complete set of cards: usually 300g, mostly 350g, double-sided printing, double-sided surface treatment (when printing on both sides, only 300g and below can be used, and if it exceeds 300g, another printing process cannot be used for double-sided alignment.)

4) Gift box: When customizing jewelry boxes, we often use 157g of art paper with glue treatment as the face paper. When using a stimulating effect, we use 200g of art paper.

5) Paper bags: Generally, 200g, 250g, and 300g of art paper can be used, with a very small number using 157g of art paper. When there is no concept, 250g can be used directly.

6) Envelopes: It is generally not recommended to use art paper for making envelopes. If necessary, surface treatment is necessary. It is recommended to use glue to prevent color fading and edge breakage. For Chinese envelopes, it is recommended to use 157g or 200g art paper, while for Western envelopes, 157g to 300g are acceptable.


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