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Auto Bottom Box


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Auto Bottom Box

Structure, Material Application, and Process Application of Bottom Box and Auto Bottom Box

1. Introduction to Structure

Bottom Box:

Bottom box, as the name suggests, has a structural feature of a top cover and a bottom buckle. The bottom design is a buckle in structure, without the need for additional bonding steps. When forming, simply insert the bottom buckle into the corresponding slot, which is simple and fast. Due to its simple structure, it is suitable for packaging various small products without the need for additional labor costs, and the production process is fast and cost-effective.

Auto Bottom Box:

The structure of the Auto bottom box is different from that of a regular bottom box, and its bottom design is an automatic locking structure. This means that during the production process, the bottom needs to be glued and flattened in advance. When forming, only a gentle press is needed, and the bottom will automatically lock. This design makes the auto bottom box superior to regular bottom boxes in terms of load-bearing capacity, making it suitable for packaging products that require higher load-bearing capacity. However, due to the complex bottom bonding process, which requires manual operation, the production speed is slow and the cost is high.

2. Material application

Normal Bottom Box:

When the bottom box size is small, materials such as 300g single powder card, black card, brown cow paper, or special paper can be used directly. These materials not only have a tough texture, but also have good printing effects, making them suitable for packaging small items such as cosmetics, small gifts, electronic accessories, etc.

Auto Bottom Box:

For auto bottom boxes, especially when they are larger in size and require better protection, corrugated paper mounting can be chosen. Specifically, printing, laminating, hot stamping, UV, embossing, and other processes can be carried out on 300g gray cards or other 300g paper, and then mounted together with corrugated paper. This combination not only enhances the strength and load-bearing capacity of the box, but also enhances the aesthetics and texture of the packaging.

3. Process application

Printing process:

Whether it is a regular bottom box or an auto bottom box, printing technology is a crucial part. By customizing bottom box printing and customizing auto bottom box printing, personalized design can be achieved and brand image can be enhanced. Common printing processes include:

Offset printing: suitable for mass production, with high printing quality and bright colors.

Digital printing: suitable for small batch customization, low cost, and high flexibility.

Screen printing: suitable for printing special paper and special effects, such as metallic colors, fluorescent colors, etc.

Surface treatment process:

To enhance the visual effect and tactile sensation of the packaging box, a series of surface treatment processes can be carried out after printing:

Film coating: Covering a layer of transparent film on the surface of paper can enhance glossiness and wear resistance, with two options available: glossy film and matte film.

Hot stamping/silver stamping: By using hot pressing technology, metal foil is printed on the surface of the paper to increase the high-end feel of the packaging.

UV: Local polishing treatment to make specific areas brighter and more prominent.

Embossing: By using molds to create textured surfaces on paper, it enhances the texture and three-dimensional feel of the packaging.

Corrugated mounting process:

For packaging boxes that require higher strength and protection, the laminating corrugated process can be used. The specific steps are as follows:

1. Printing: Print on a 300g gray card or other paper to complete the pattern design.

2. Surface treatment: Surface treatment such as lamination, hot stamping, UV, embossing, etc. shall be carried out according to the requirements.

3. Corrugation mounting: The processed paper and corrugated paper are mounted together through a mounting machine to increase the thickness and strength of the box.

4. Die cutting molding: Cut the mounted paper into the desired box shape using a die cutting machine.

5. Bonding/Bottom fastening: For ordinary bottom boxes, directly perform bottom fastening molding; For the auto bottom box, it is necessary to manually bond the bottom and flatten it.

4. Comparison of advantages and disadvantages

Advantages of a regular Bottom Box:

-Easy to make: No additional bonding steps are required, forming quickly.

-Low cost: saves labor costs and is suitable for large-scale production.

-High flexibility: suitable for packaging various small products.

Disadvantages of a regular Bottom Box:

-Limited load-bearing capacity: Due to the bottom being a buckle in structure, the load-bearing capacity is relatively weak.

-The protection effect is average: For products that require high-strength protection, a regular bottom box may not be sturdy enough.

Advantages of Auto Bottom Box:

-Strong load-bearing capacity: The automatic locking structure at the bottom enhances the load-bearing capacity of the box.

-Convenient molding: During molding, just press lightly and the bottom will automatically lock.

Disadvantages of Auto Bottom Box:

-Complex production: The bottom bonding process is complex and requires manual operation, resulting in a slower production speed.

-High cost: Due to the complex production process and high labor costs, it is suitable for packaging high-end products.

5. Conclusion

Both regular bottom boxes and auto bottom boxes have their unique advantages and application scenarios. By selecting materials and processes reasonably, the packaging needs of different products can be met. Customized bottom box printing and customized auto bottom box printing not only enhance product aesthetics and brand image, but also provide better protection effects. For enterprises, choosing the appropriate packaging scheme can not only enhance the market competitiveness of products, but also effectively control costs and achieve maximum economic benefits.


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