Corrugated Cardboard
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Corrugated Cardboard


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Corrugated Cardboard

Corrugated paper

Corrugated paperboard for box

Pit paper composition:

(1) Facial paper is divided into S, K, A, B, C grades from S to C, with higher grade papers producing harder and more effective pit paper. (Note: The face paper also has a code name of W, representing white. The material quality of W is approximately equal to A paper.)

(2) Core paper is commonly divided into three types: 3 pits=coarse pits, 9 pits=E pits (fine pits), and F pits=ultrafine pits. This is the classification of core paper wave thickness, from coarse to fine, 3>9>F.

(3) Face paper+core paper+face paper with a layer of core paper sandwiched between the two sides of the face paper, which is a single pit cardboard (such as K3K, K9A)

(4) Face paper+core paper+face paper+core paper+face paper with two layers of core paper sandwiched between the two sides of the face paper and one layer of face paper in the middle, which is a double pit cardboard (such as: K=A, K3A9A,,,)

A. Pit cardboard:

Double pit cardboard: K=K (K3A3K), K=A (K3A3A), A=A (A3A3A3A) and other commonly used three pit core paper are suitable for making cardboard boxes, and the double pit protection effect is better.

Single pit cardboard: K9K, K9A, A9A, K3K, K3A, A3A and other single pit cardboard are suitable for making smaller cardboard boxes with poor protection effect, or for making double insertion boxes, buckle bottom boxes, airplane boxes, etc.

(5) Common reference values:

A. Facial paper: K paper=200g, A paper=160g, B paper=120g, W paper=125g, C paper=100g

B. Core paper: Generally, 125g is used as the core, 140g is used for reinforced core, and 180g is used for high reinforced core

Exploring the diverse applications and characteristics of corrugated cardboard

Corrugated cardboard is a type of cardboard made from corrugated paper cores sandwiched between two sides of brown kraft paper, with a unique structure and characteristics. Compared to regular cardboard, corrugated cardboard is thicker and more suitable for different types of packaging needs. Its simple watermark processing makes it an ideal choice for making buckle bottom boxes, airplane boxes, double insertion boxes, and box shaped structural boxes.

Widely used corrugated cardboard

Corrugated cardboard has various uses, and various types of packaging boxes can be produced according to the thickness of cardboard. Generally speaking, single-pit corrugated cardboard with a thickness of about 2mm is commonly used in the production of smaller box structures such as buckle bottom boxes, airplane boxes, and double insertion boxes. Double pit corrugated cardboard with a diameter of over 5mm is commonly used in the production of cardboard boxes, as an outer box for packaging and transportation.

Unique properties and applicability

The thick nature of corrugated cardboard gives it good cushioning and compression resistance, making it suitable for protecting internal products from damage. Due to its relatively thick nature, corrugated cardboard is not suitable for complex printing and processing, but simple watermark processing can effectively display brand information and design elements.

Advantages of Customized Corrugated Paper Box Packaging

Customized corrugated paper box packaging is becoming increasingly popular in the market because it can provide personalized packaging solutions for products. The corrugated cardboard factory utilizes corrugated cardboard with different thicknesses and structures to customize packaging boxes in various shapes and sizes according to customer needs, meeting the packaging needs of different industries and products.


Corrugated cardboard, as a common packaging material, has a unique structure and characteristics, making it suitable for the production of various packaging boxes. By customizing corrugated cardboard packaging, companies can showcase their brand image, protect product safety, and enhance the shopping experience for consumers. Let's explore the diverse applications and characteristics of corrugated cardboard together, injecting more creative and personalized elements into product packaging.


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