Custom Personalized Jewellery Paper Packaging Box Production And Printing Process From Factory
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Custom Personalized Jewellery Paper Packaging Box Production And Printing Process From Factory


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Custom Personalized Jewellery Paper Packaging Box Production And Printing Process From Factory

Custom personalized jewellery packaging box production and printing process

All partners engaged in the packaging industry know that the production of personalized jewellery box is a complex process. Outsiders generally think that if you ask for production today, you can get it right away. In fact, each industry has its own workflow, and a qualified personalized jewellery paper box needs to go through several processes to be made. So, what is the specific printing process for jewellery packaging box production? Let ITIS Goods Customized Personalized Jewellery Box Packaging Factory give you a brief and specific introduction!

personalized jewellery box

1. Communicate with customers

The main communication with the customer is: whether design is needed, what kind of material requirements are needed, and how much quantity is needed, and then provide the customer with a quotation. If the customer is satisfied, proceed to the next step.

2. Select paper

The gift box of a general jewellery packaging box is coated with colored paper or special paper on the outside of the gray board paper. Colored paper is made of double copper and matte copper paper. Some use paper weighing 157G, 200G, 250G, 300G, 350G, etc. These types of paper are commonly used. Due to the thickness of the colored paper, it is easy to bubble when mounted on the gift box, and it looks very stiff when viewed from the outside. Of course, it also depends on what the product is, designing the outer packaging based on the product, and then choosing paper and craftsmanship.

3. Printing

Printing is divided into spot color printing and four color printing. Spot color printing refers to the printing process that uses ink colors other than yellow, magenta, cyan, and black to replicate the original color. Spot color printing technology is often used in packaging printing to print large areas of background color. Four color printing is the process of printing color images using three subtractive primary colors (yellow, magenta, and cyan) and black. The original color images used for printing must be separated into separate color plates, with black color plates added to correct the ink for cyan, magenta, and yellow, in order to improve the blackness of the printed image. These films are used to produce the four printing plates required for four-color printing.

4. Corrugated

Corrugation is classified according to its type: A, C, B, E and their combinations, such as AB, BC, BBC, etc. Corrugated paper is a plate-like material formed by bonding hanging paper and corrugated paper formed by processing corrugated sticks. It is generally divided into two types: single corrugated cardboard and double corrugated cardboard. According to the size of the corrugated board, it is divided into five types: A, B, C, E, and F.

5. Mounted tile

Tile mounting involves mounting paper and tiles together, which is the first post-press process of offset printing and veneer color boxes. Adhesion and pressing directly affect the efficiency and molding effect of the jewellery box. In order to avoid less compression damage to the corrugated height during the lamination process, on the one hand, it is required that the cardboard should not be too soft and the moisture content should be controlled below 14%. On the other hand, the pressure, angle, and speed of the laminating machine should be adjusted to be moderate.

6. Die-cutting

Die cutting refers to a cutting process in the post processing of printed materials. Die cutting technology can make printed materials or other paper products into die cutting dies according to pre designed graphics for cutting, so that the shape of printed materials is no longer limited to straight edges and right angles. Die cutting is a process in which cutting lines are added to the original design drawing, and after the paper tiles are mounted, a specialized die cutting machine and corresponding cutting plates are used to press out the shape of the personalized jewellery paper box.

personalized jewellery box

7. Paste box

Glue the parts of the custom personalized jewellery box paper packaging that need to be connected according to the sample or design style. Paired with personalized jewelry boxes such as lifting ropes, it's done.

Finally, it's time to pack and deliver the goods. The above are all basic processes. Now let's talk about the following process:

The subsequent processes include lamination, hot stamping, silver stamping, UV printing, and embossing.

(1) Lamination: Covering a paper product with a transparent plastic film, which is called lamination. Lamination is divided into "light film" and "matte film". The surface effect of the light film is crystal clear, colorful, and long-lasting without changing color. A safe and environmentally friendly building material with a soft texture and colorful surface patterns, which can be chosen according to the changing color perception of the times. The matte film can be distinguished by its color on the surface, indicating a foggy surface. After coating, it has a matte matte matte surface. This is the most commonly used surface treatment process in custom personalized jewellery packaging box. The cost is generally acceptable and not too expensive.

(2) Hot stamping: Hot stamping is the process of heating a metal printing plate, applying foil, and pressing golden text or patterns onto printed materials. This is also a process that personalized jewellery box factory often recommend using. Although it may be a bit expensive, it will make the entire customized personalized jewellery paper box appear more upscale.

personalized jewellery box

(3) Hot stamping silver: The process principle is basically the same as hot stamping gold, but the materials used for the two are somewhat different. In terms of appearance, one has a golden luster and the other has a silver luster.

(4) UV: UV refers to UV polishing, also known as ultraviolet polishing (ULTRAVIOLET). It is a bright coating that uses ultraviolet radiation to trigger an instant photochemical reaction of UV polishing oil, forming a network of chemical structures on the surface of printed materials. For some personalized jewellery paper packaging boxes produced with special paper, adding partial UV technology will make the entire jewellery box appear more upscale.

personalized jewellery box packaging

(5) Embossing: It is a printing method that does not require ink. It involves placing the packaging box in a set of concave and convex plates corresponding to the graphics and text, and under a certain pressure, the two templates are pressed against each other to create a custom personalized jewellery packaging box with embossed concave and convex graphics and patterns. This process provides a more layered visual and tactile experience.

personalized jewellery paper box

The above are some introductions about custom personalized jewellery paper box factory and the production and printing process. For specific details, please feel free to contact ITIS custom personalized jewellery box factory at any time! We always have a professional business team to serve you. There is also an engineering team available at any time to solve more professional problems for you.

personalized jewellery box

ITIS Custom Personalized Jewellery Box Packaging Factory was founded in 2003. Adhering to the corporate philosophy of "integrity, win-win, and building brilliance together", the company provides professional product design and production services to our customers. Mr. Luo Dongcheng, the General Manager of the company, is a professional talent who has been engaged in the printing and packaging industry for more than 20 years. With his foundation and strength in the printing and packaging industry, he has taken the path of specialization and scale. In addition to focusing on serving customers, technology production, and quality, the company is also at the forefront of the personalized jewellery box packaging industry. We place greater emphasis on digital management than our peers. In addition to our production and sales teams, we also have an IT team that specializes in production management, order management, and customer management. We can ensure that customers can obtain any information they have left with us at any time, in order to better serve every customer and every order. At present, the company has over 200 registered employees, with technical staff accounting for one-third of the total number of employees, including 15 professional design and management personnel. With the development of the enterprise, we will make comprehensive efforts in 2024 to become a more comprehensive and prominent ITIS personalized jewellery box packaging factory.

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