Double Door Gift Box
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Double Door Gift Box


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Double Door Gift Box

Double Door Magnetic Gift Box

Just like a double door, it can be opened, so it is called a double door box; Usually, there is a magnet to open and close, so it is also called a double door magnet box;

Some customers may prefer to use ribbons instead of magnets, and the cost of ribbons is higher than that of magnets; But it can also give people a more gift like surprise.

A. Size habits:

Length X width X height MM, it should be noted that:

The double door box itself has many similarities with the magnetic book box, but at the same time, its production difficulty is also greater, and its structure is more unique. It will be very popular in the gift market. When the gift box is opened like a double door, the gifts inside will be eye-catching, giving a sense of surprise.

For double door boxes, it is recommended to have a shorter edge. Additionally, there may be customers who simply follow the direction of their design documents. Customers may say that the length is higher, resulting in a higher height for this box and a smaller value for length or width. We need to make our own judgment, which is very unreasonable. In this case, we will need to find a structure for our double door box and then write the customer's length x width x height value (write the maximum value that the customer thinks is high in the long position and the minimum value in the high position) to confirm the details for the customer, only filling in numbers, and not including length, width, and height to avoid misunderstandings.

In addition, the length of the quotation system is set based on the position of the magnet (opening position), and normally, we also set the length as the edge of the larger value. In general, this will save materials and labor. Of course, there may also be customers who request a smaller length value. If the customer actually requests it, the quotation should be filled in according to the position of length, width, and height. Otherwise, the corresponding length, width, and height values can be marked as mentioned above and confirmed with the customer.

A square gray board was added to the double doors and coated with paper. This paper contains iron sheets, which correspond to the corresponding magnets in the other door. When the lid is closed, it assists in closing the structural magnets with suction. Another type of double door box is a square cardboard without a lid. The strip magnet is directly fixed at the top of the inner box side, and four iron plates are placed on the double doors, which also have a magnetic closing effect.

B. Size limitations

The minimum height for external dimensions is 25MM, and the length and width must be greater than 80X60MM. For boxes with a height of less than 25MM, it is recommended to use 1000 grams of gray board

Maximum size limit: It is recommended that the length side be less than 49cm and the width be less than 30cm. (If the length exceeds 49cm, the maximum size can be 66cm. It is not recommended to do this as labor will be expensive.)

C. Die cutting process:

All double door boxes in our company have a default leather shell with cramps, and the inner box is half worn.

D. Material suggestion: 1200g can basically meet the majority of size requirements

1200 grams of gray board are commonly used. When the size is less than 100X100X30MM, 1000 grams can be considered. When the size is less than 250X250X80MM, 1200 grams are recommended. For sizes larger than 250X250X80MM, 1200 grams of gray board is also acceptable. It is recommended to use 1300 to 1500 grams depending on the actual needs of the customer.

F. In order to meet the needs of various customers, we have also developed a double door folding box, which is a unique structure of our company. Because double door boxes are generally larger in size, they will occupy a significant amount of transportation and storage costs. After our company replaced other Liangcheng double door folding boxes, the cost expenditure in this area was greatly improved, and the unique characteristics of the double door box were retained at the time of release, which was highly favored by our large customers.


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