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EVA Insert

Detailed explanation of EVA insert materials and production process

1 Overview of EVA insert support materials

EVA (ethylene vinyl acetate copolymer) is a polymer that is highly favored due to its excellent physical properties and wide range of applications. The common colors of EVA materials are black and white, while other colors of EVA materials require specific supplier customization. EVA insert packaging is widely used in gift boxes, electronic product packaging, cosmetics packaging, and other fields due to its high hardness and moderate elasticity.

II The production process of EVA insert

stores reserve

Material selection: Choose the appropriate color of EVA material according to customer needs. Black and white are commonly used colors, and other colors need to be confirmed with the supplier in advance.

Cutting: According to the design drawings, use a cutting machine to cut EVA material into the desired shape and size. This process needs to ensure precise cutting to ensure smooth subsequent processing.

Punching process

Punching equipment: Use specialized punching machines for processing. The punching machine can achieve high-precision vertical punching, ensuring that the shape and size of the hole meet the design requirements.

Punching technology: The punching process of EVA insert support requires "one punch to the bottom", that is, the punched holes are all vertically downward and cannot produce curvature. When different depths of holes are required, multi-layer EVA material bonding can be used, or backfill material can be filled in the punched holes to achieve this.

Multi layer bonding: When holes of different depths are required, EVA materials of different thicknesses can be bonded together to achieve different depth requirements through a multi-layer structure.

surface treatment

Velvet cloth mounting: In order to enhance the high-end feel of the product, a layer of velvet cloth can be mounted on the surface of the EVA insert support. The commonly used velvet colors are black and white, and other colors need to be confirmed with the supplier in advance. The process of mounting flannel fabric needs to ensure a tight bonding between the flannel fabric and EVA material, avoiding bubbles and wrinkles.

Finished product inspection

Quality testing: The finished EVA insert needs to undergo strict quality testing, including size testing, appearance testing, and functional testing, to ensure that each insert meets the design and customer requirements.

III The importance of EVA insert in the packaging industry

Product protection

Cushioning performance: EVA insert support has good cushioning performance, which can effectively absorb external impact forces and protect the product from damage. Its hardness and elasticity prevent scratches and indentations on the surface of the product while protecting it.

Customization: EVA insert supports can be customized according to the shape and size of different products, providing comprehensive protection. Customized EVA insert can ensure the stability and safety of products during transportation and storage.

Upgrade product level

High end feeling: By mounting velvet fabric on the surface of the EVA insert support, the product's high-end feeling and market competitiveness can be enhanced. Black and white flannel fabrics are commonly used in high-end gift boxes and electronic product packaging, while other colored flannel fabrics can be customized according to customer needs.

Aesthetic design: The design of EVA insert brackets should not only consider protective functions, but also pay attention to aesthetics. The exquisite EVA insert design can enhance the overall image of the product and enhance consumer purchasing desire.

Environmental Protection and Sustainability

Environmentally friendly materials: EVA materials have good environmental performance, are free of harmful substances, and comply with international environmental standards. The use of EVA insert support can reduce environmental pollution and help companies establish an environmental image.

Recyclability: EVA materials have recyclability, and discarded EVA pallets can be treated and reused, reducing resource waste and environmental burden.

4、 Choose high-quality EVA insert suppliers

Supplier Qualification

Qualification certification: Select EVA insert internal support suppliers with relevant qualification certification, such as ISO9001 quality management system certification ISO14001 environmental management system certification, etc., to ensure the production capacity and product quality of suppliers.

Production experience: High quality EVA insert suppliers should have rich production experience and be able to provide professional customized services according to customer needs.

product quality

Material quality: High quality EVA insert support suppliers should choose high-quality EVA materials to ensure that the hardness, elasticity, and environmental performance of the products meet the requirements.

Process level: Suppliers should have advanced production equipment and process technology, and be able to provide high-precision and high-quality EVA insert products.

Service capability

Customized service: A high-quality EVA insert supplier should have strong customization service capabilities, and be able to provide personalized design solutions and production services according to customer needs.

After sales service: Suppliers should provide a comprehensive after-sales service system, promptly solve problems encountered by customers during use, and ensure customer satisfaction.

5、 Conclusion

EVA insert, as an important component of the packaging industry, is widely used in various product packaging due to its excellent protective performance and aesthetic design. By selecting high-quality customized EVA insert suppliers, enterprises can enhance product quality and market competitiveness, while achieving environmental protection and sustainable development. In the future, with the continuous development of the packaging industry, EVA Neto will continue to play an important role in providing high-quality protection and display services for more products.


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