Foldable Gift Box
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Foldable Gift Box


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Foldable Gift Box

Foldable magnetic closure gift box


It can be shipped flat and has a similar structure to a book shaped box after molding. This type of box is generally larger in size, in order to save transportation costs and storage costs. The box is 360 degrees, and each position can print the content that customers need.


A. The process is relatively complex, and the labor cost will be much higher. If the box is too small or the height is small, it is not recommended to make a foldable book box

B. In addition, the overall effect of the foldable book type box after molding may be slightly worse than that of a regular book type box

C. The box contains EVA, sponge, vacuum molded inner tray, etc. If the inner tray is high, it is not recommended to make a foldable book box. The inner tray itself takes up a lot of space, so making the box foldable is much less meaningful, and cannot achieve the effect of saving transportation and storage.

A. Size habits:

Length X width X height MM, it should be noted that (height X2+15) MM must be less than length

Suggest using a shorter edge as the height, as there may also be customers who only write the length, width, and height according to the direction of their design documents and from the customer's perspective (refer to the second paragraph of the book box size habit mentioned earlier)

In addition, the length of the quotation system is set based on the position of the magnet (opening position), and normally, we also set the length as the edge of the larger value. In general, this will save materials and labor. Of course, there may also be customers who request a smaller length value. If the customer has actual requirements, the quotation should be filled in according to the position of length, width, and height. Otherwise, the corresponding length, width, and height values can be marked as mentioned above and provided to the customer for confirmation.

B. Size limitations

The minimum height of the external dimensions should be 30MM (but it is recommended to be greater than 50MM), and the length and width should be greater than 120X80MM (but it is recommended to be greater than 200X150MM). The folding box (height X2+15mm) must be smaller than the length (because if the height X2+15mm is greater than the length after flattening, the two sides will collide and the shipment will be crushed)

Maximum size limit: Long side<66CM (must be met before making), [(width X2 and height X3)<100CM (this exceeds is not recommended as labor is expensive)]

C. V lees

All folding boxes have a default leather shell of V.

D. Add double-sided tape:

Due to the inherent characteristics of folding boxes, they are easy to flatten. Therefore, if the lid is opened after molding, the box will be easy to automatically flatten. Some customers may request double-sided adhesive to be added to the four corners. Customers need to peel off the double-sided adhesive backing paper before molding. After molding, the box will not be easily flattened due to the double-sided adhesive being fixed.

E. Material suggestion: 1200g can basically meet the majority of size requirements

1200 grams of gray board are commonly used. When the size is less than 150X100X30MM, 1000 grams can be considered. When the size is less than 350X250X80MM, 1200 grams are recommended. For sizes larger than 350X250X80MM, 1200 grams of gray board is also acceptable. It is recommended to use 1300 to 1500 grams depending on the actual needs of the customer.


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