Glossy Varnish
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Glossy Varnish


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Glossy Varnish

Glossy varnish, after being oiled, tends to have a glossy surface and will have a certain reflective effect. Oil coating is mainly used to protect the printing effect. Both coated and uncoated paper can be coated with gloss. By applying a layer of gloss on the surface paper, the printed color will not fade so easily, and the gloss will also make the printed color appear more vibrant. The cost of oiling is cheaper than laminating, and in coated paper, oiling is usually chosen to protect the printing effect and lower the price; Or products that are not suitable for laminating, such as folding, brochure pages, envelopes, etc., may choose to use oil to protect the printing effect; There is also non coated paper that cannot be glued, so only glossy oil can be selected to protect the printing effect. When customizing jewelry boxes, we sometimes use non coated paper for printing and then produce jewelry box packaging. However, non coated paper is not suitable for lamination. In some cases where the printing color positions are heavy and full, without lamination, printing is prone to color fading due to scratches. Previously, in some bending positions, it was particularly easy to explode colors, resulting in defective products. In this case, we will apply a layer of gloss treatment after printing. After applying gloss, it not only protects the printing effect, but also makes the printing appear more vibrant without affecting the original texture of non coated materials. In the current era of strong environmental awareness and increasing demand for design sense, many environmental advocates are willing to use more environmentally friendly materials to customize jewelry box packaging. And many uncoated papers are representatives of environmental protection. If white kraft paper, brown kraft paper, black kraft paper, specialty paper, and many other uncoated papers do not use the lamination process, when surface treatment is needed, it is often applied to oily processes. This can achieve a protective effect while meeting the recyclable environmental demands, while adding matte oil to white kraft paper after printing can meet the environmental requirements without affecting the printing design effect.


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