Gray Cardboard
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Gray Cardboard


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Gray Cardboard

Gray cardboard

(Commonly used grams: 600grams, 800grams, 1000grams, 1200grams, 1400grams, 1500grams, 1800grams, 2000 grams)

The gray board is relatively thick and hard, which can support the structure of the box. Our gift boxes (handmade boxes) are all made of gray boards for structural molding and coated with paper.

A commonly used 1200 gram gray board for gift boxes. When the size is less than 100X100X30MM, consider using 800 to 1000 grams. When the size is less than 250X250X80MM, it is recommended to use 1200 grams. Otherwise, it is recommended to use 1300 to 1500 grams depending on the actual needs of the customer.

white cardboardblack cardboard

Grey board classification:

(1) Double gray cardboard: Both sides are gray. Generally, when the box needs to be coated with printing paper inside, double gray will be used as a gift box;

(2) Single white cardboard: one side is gray and the other side is white. If the customer does not request it, we usually use a single white cardboard as a gift box if the box is white or light colored;

(3) Single black cardboard: One side is gray and the other side is black. If the customer does not request it, we usually use single black gray cardboard to make gift boxes when the box is black.

Exploring the unique characteristics and widespread application of gray boards

Grey board is a type of cardboard made by pressing recycled pulp multiple times, which has the characteristics of being thicker and harder. According to different grams, the thickness of the gray board will also vary. Commonly used grams include 600 grams, 800 grams, 1000 grams, 1200 grams, 1400 grams, 1500 grams, 1800 grams, 2000 grams, etc. Due to the use of a large amount of paper, gray boards are often used to produce high-end gift boxes. Various structures such as book shaped boxes, sky and earth boxes, drawer boxes, etc. are formed through gray boards, and then mounted with face paper to ultimately produce high-grade gift box packaging.

The unique characteristics of gray boards

Grey board is known for its thicker and harder characteristics, and is suitable for making high-end gift boxes. Due to the use of recycled pulp multiple times, the gray board has the characteristics of environmental protection, and its thickness and hardness can effectively protect the internal products from damage. Different grams of gray boards can meet the needs of different gift boxes, providing more comprehensive packaging protection for products.

Widely used gray cardboard

Grey boards have a wide range of applications in the field of customized gift box packaging. The gift box packaging factory utilizes the characteristics of gray boards to produce various high-end gift boxes, including book shaped boxes, sky and earth boxes, drawer boxes, and other gift boxes with different structures. By customizing gift box packaging, companies can showcase their brand image, enhance product quality, and attract consumer attention and love.

A design concept that emphasizes both creativity and high-end

The characteristics of the gray board make customized gift boxes more upscale and high-end. The gift box packaging factory creates a strong sense of design and high-quality gift box packaging through the molding of gray boards and the lamination of face paper. Not only can it effectively protect internal products, but it can also enhance brand image and product value, bringing consumers a more perfect shopping experience.


Grey board, as a high-end gift box packaging material, has unique characteristics and a wide range of applications. By customizing gift box packaging, companies can showcase their brand image, protect product safety, and enhance the shopping experience for consumers. Let's explore the unique charm of gray boards together, injecting more creativity and high-end elements into product packaging. May our design philosophy and packaging technology bring more surprises and success to the brand.


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