Hot Stamping
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Hot Stamping


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Hot Stamping

Hot stamping

1) Hot stamping process: Make an electric plate (also known as a mold), which is carved according to the customer's requirements. After heating the electric plate, press the gold material (which can have many different colors collectively referred to as gold material) onto the paper. High temperature and high pressure can make the gold material hot stamping on paper or other fabrics (such as fabric, leather, PVC, etc.) according to the shape we need. The hot stamping material used for each different material is different and cannot be mixed.

2) The purpose of hot stamping is to add one or more metallic patterns, logos, and other contents to the surface of the face paper (which can be printed paper, special paper, coated or not coated), which can make the packaging appear more high-end.

3) The classification of gold materials mainly includes: ordinary gold=normal price, colored gold=slightly expensive, and laser gold=very expensive.

4) Hot stamping restriction: For text hot stamping, the size of a single word must be greater than 1.3mm in length and width (larger sizes must be greater than 1.3mm). If it is too small, the text will stick together when hot pressed.

5) The cost of hot stamping is closely related to the hot stamping area, and the larger the area, the higher the cost. It is generally recommended to control the hot stamping area within 10X10CM.

6) When customizing jewelry box packaging, hot stamping is one of the most commonly used processes. It can be done on printing paper to highlight important content, or on high-end special paper, both of which can achieve the overall level of jewelry boxes to a higher level. Similarly, it can also further highlight the brand effect.


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