Introduction To 4C Or PMS Printing for Custom Jewelry Gift Box Paper Packaging
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Introduction To 4C Or PMS Printing for Custom Jewelry Gift Box Paper Packaging


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Introduction To 4C Or PMS Printing for Custom Jewelry Gift Box Paper Packaging

Introduction to Custom Printing Jewelry Gift Boxes Paper Packaging

1. CMYK Printing:

CMYK printing jewelry gift box

CMYK is a color pattern commonly used in custom jewelry paper gift box packaging printing, representing four primary colors: C (Cyan), M (Magenta), Y (Yellow), and K (Key). The combination of these four colors can produce various colors, thereby achieving a rich and colorful effect on printed materials.

jewelry gift box printing

The CMYK color mode is suitable for custom jewelry gift box packaging printing because it can accurately simulate most of the colors that the human eye can perceive. By adjusting the proportion of these four colors, gradient, colorful, and rich color changes can be achieved. This printing method is very common because it can meet the color effect requirements of most customers.

However, 4C printing also has some drawbacks. Due to differences in printing equipment and materials, there may be certain color differences during each printing process. Therefore, if color requirements are very strict, 4C printing may not fully meet the requirements. Nevertheless, the printing industry has developed some methods to minimize color differences, such as using professional color correction equipment and adjusting the parameters of printing machines.

custom 4C printing for jewelry gift box

Overall, the CMYK color mode is widely used in the printing industry because it can produce rich and colorful printing effects. Although there may be some color difference issues, the impact of these issues can be minimized as much as possible through appropriate adjustments and technical means. So in the production process of custom jewelry packaging gift box, we often do not use 4C printing, so next, we will talk about the application of spot colors.

PMS (Pantone Matching System)

custom jewelry gift box

PMS (Pantone Matching System) spot color is an internationally recognized color system, where each spot color corresponds to a unique color number. The advantage of PMS spot color is that it can achieve accurate color matching of printed materials with minimal color difference. This printing method is suitable for situations that require precise reproduction of specific colors, such as the company's main color or specific logo color.

PMS spot colors are divided into two categories: U series (uncoated, uncoated paper series) and C series (coated, coated paper printing series). When custom jewelry gift paper boxes packaging with bright colors, it is recommended to use coated paper for production, which requires the use of coated series spot colors. If non coated paper such as white cowhide is used to produce jewelry gift boxes, then only non coated series spot colors can be used. The difference between these two series lies in the printing effect. The uncoated paper series is suitable for paper that has not undergone special coating treatment, while the coated paper series is suitable for paper that has undergone coating treatment. When selecting spot colors, it is important to distinguish between these two series to ensure that the printing effect meets expectations. The specific series to be used mainly depends on the customer's needs or the design effect requirements. We can all evaluate and recommend the best effect based on the design of custom jewelry paper gift boxes packaging for our customers.

custom jewelry gift box paper packaging

The cost of using PMS spot colors for printing is relatively high, as each spot color ink needs to be separately blended. In addition, PMS spot colors are not suitable for printing with gradient effects as they are a single fixed color. However, many customers choose to add a PMS spot color printing on top of four-color printing, usually used for the base color or the main color of the company logo. By using PMS spot colors, it is possible to ensure that the important main colors in different packaging are close to consistency. Of course, this cost is not a big deal for high-end custom jewelry gift box packaging.

When dealing with customer printing needs, we should promptly remind them to distinguish the spot colors of the U series and C series, and explain the differences in printing effects between coated and uncoated paper. This can not only avoid color difference issues in the later stage, but also demonstrate our professionalism and win the trust of customers.

In summary, PMS spot color is a printing method that can achieve accurate color matching. Although the cost is high and not suitable for gradient effects, accurate color reproduction of printed materials can be achieved by using PMS spot colors correctly. At the same time, we need to collaborate with customers to ensure that they understand and correctly choose the spot color series that suits their needs. So that the customer can print the desired printing effect on their custom jewelry paper packaging gift box.

The price difference of printing colors on custom jewelry gift box:

It is very important to determine the number of colors that need to be quoted during the quotation process. Here are some precautions:

Based on the customer's written description: carefully read the customer's provided demand description, or provide details of the relevant customized jewelry paper gift box packaging requirements, and pay attention to whether four color printing (4C), full printing (full printing) are mentioned, or single color printing is clearly specified. If the customer does not provide a clear explanation, further communication can be made with the customer to clarify the printing requirements.


Check the documents or images provided by the customer for custom jewelry packaging gift boxes: If the colors in the documents or images are very rich and it is impossible to determine whether it is monochrome printing, you can directly quote according to four-color printing. This ensures that all possible colors are covered.

The judgment of spot color printing: Spot colors cannot be directly judged through documents or images. Please note whether the customer has indicated another color scheme in the document and clearly specified the color number. Additionally, the customer's written requirements may specify the need for spot color printing. Only when the customer is clearly informed of the required custom jewelry gift packaging boxes can it be determined that a quotation needs to be made based on spot colors.


Color selection requirement: In the quotation software, select 4C to represent ordinary four color printing. If a specific color needs to be printed separately, the quotation should be based on the spot color. For example, when printing metal spot colors, one metal spot color can be considered as two spot colors for quotation.

In general, to determine which colors to quote based on, it is necessary to carefully read the customer's provided requirement description, check the color richness in the document or image, and pay attention to whether the customer has clear requirements for spot color printing. Correctly determining the number of colors required for quotation can ensure accuracy and meet the needs of customers.


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