Lid And Base Box for Professional Customized Jewelry Paper Box Packaging Factory
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Lid And Base Box for Professional Customized Jewelry Paper Box Packaging Factory


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Lid And Base Box for Professional Customized Jewelry Paper Box Packaging Factory

Introduction to ITIS lid and base box

This is a box made up of a roof and a ground cover, with at least the top covering, implying the principles of heaven and earth. Therefore, it is called the Heaven and Earth Box. If shown in the picture, it is an important location for various parts of the lid and base Box, and major jewelry merchants can design their favorite elements in various positions according to their own needs. We will also perfectly showcase the beauty of your company's design for your company. We are a professional customized jewelry paper packaging box factory that can definitely meet your high-end needs for customized jewelry box paper packaging.

jewelry box

In terms of material and structure

Jewelry boxes are one of the important elements for showcasing jewelry and jewelry. It is not only a simple container, but also an artwork that highlights the value and uniqueness of jewelry. When choosing the appropriate materials and structures, we always strive for excellent quality and exquisite craftsmanship.


ITIS customized jewelry paper box factory focuses on using gray boards as the basic material, and through careful processing and pasting, makes them more sturdy and durable. Grey board is a material with excellent compression performance, which can effectively protect jewelry from external environmental influences. Whether it is squeezing during transportation or protection during storage, gray boards can provide reliable support and protection, ensuring the safety of jewelry.

In addition to the gray board, we also chose 157 grams of double-sided printing paper as the cover material for the surface of the jewelry box. This type of paper has a certain thickness and strength, which can effectively protect the jewelry inside the box from scratches and damage. Meanwhile, the printing effect of this paper is also very clear, presenting exquisite patterns and details, enhancing the appearance and texture of the jewelry box.

In terms of craftsmanship, our customized jewelry box paper packaging factory focuses on details and refined processing. Firstly, we will conduct precise size measurement and cutting to ensure that the size and shape of each jewelry box meet the customer's requirements. Then, we will perform fine folding and bonding to ensure that every angle and connection of the jewelry box is firm and reliable. Our craftsmen have accumulated years of experience and are proficient in operating various tools and equipment to ensure that each jewelry box has a high level of craftsmanship.

In addition, our factory also pays attention to detailed decoration and personalized customization. We can perform processes such as hot stamping, screen printing, and UV printing according to customer needs to add unique decorative effects to jewelry boxes. We can accurately present the brand logo, pattern design, and textual content on the surface of the jewelry box, making it more personalized and attractive.

In summary, our jewelry paper box factory focuses on using gray boards and double-sided printing paper as basic materials, and through careful processing and pasting, makes jewelry boxes more sturdy and durable. We focus on details and refined craftsmanship to ensure that each jewelry box has a high-quality appearance and craftsmanship level. Through cooperation with jewelry paper packaging box factory, we are able to meet the needs of our customers and provide them with personalized and exquisite jewelry box packaging.

custom 4C printing for jewelry gift box

Four color printing - presenting colorful colors

The jewelry paper box factory emphasizes the exquisite combination of details and craftsmanship, using four-color printing technology to bring more attractive effects to jewelry box packaging. This printing method creates a rich and diverse effect by mixing different colors, so that whether it is bright red, noble gold, or warm brown, they can be perfectly displayed on the box.

Firstly, customized jewelry paper box factories focus on precise color matching. The accurate presentation of colors is crucial in the printing process. The technical personnel of the factory will accurately mix the required colors according to the designer's requirements. Whether it's bright red or metallic gold, both can be achieved through carefully blended colors. This precise color matching ensures the vibrant and vivid colors of the jewelry box packaging.

Secondly, jewelry paper box factory focus on meticulous printing techniques. During the printing process, the factory adopts advanced printing equipment and technology to ensure that every detail can be accurately presented. The printing masters in the factory have undergone professional training and mastered exquisite printing techniques. They can accurately control the speed and pressure of the printing machine, as well as the concentration and spraying angle of the ink, in order to achieve high-quality printing effects. This meticulous printing technique makes the patterns, text, and other details on the jewelry box packaging clear and visible, full of vitality and vitality.

Finally, the customized jewelry paper box factory pays attention to the presentation of every detail. They are well aware that details determine success or failure, so during the printing process, the factory will carefully handle every detail. The factory will strictly control the edges, textures, and pattern clarity of the box. They will use high-quality paper and ink to ensure that the printed jewelry box packaging has a good touch and texture. At the same time, the factory will also conduct strict quality inspections to ensure that each jewelry box packaging meets high standards.

In summary, the jewelry paper packaging box factory utilizes four color printing technology, emphasizes precise color matching and meticulous printing techniques, and meticulously processes the presentation of every detail, making the jewelry box packaging full of vitality and energy. Whether it's bright red, noble gold, or warm brown, they can all be perfectly displayed on jewelry boxes. The jewelry paper box factory provides customers with satisfactory packaging solutions with its professional craftsmanship and high-quality products.


Customized jewelry paper box factory - showcasing individuality and taste

As a professional Jewelry box paper packaging factory, we are well aware that every jewelry brand and individual has unique needs and styles. Therefore, we provide customized services to meet your personalized needs. You can choose different sizes, shapes, colors, and printed patterns to make your jewelry box unique. Our design team will work closely with you to ensure that the final product meets your expectations and can perfectly showcase your jewelry works.


Whether you are a jewelry brand merchant or a personal collector, we will wholeheartedly provide you with high-quality jewelry packaging boxes. Our factory has advanced equipment and experienced craftsmen, committed to creating excellent products for customers. Choose us and you will receive a unique jewelry box, adding unique charm and value to your jewelry.


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