Lid And Base Box
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Lid And Base Box


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Lid And Base Box

Lid and base gift box/hat box

The box is divided into two parts: Lid and base, so it is called Lid and base box.

A. Size habits:

Habitually, it is recommended to have the shortest edge as the length X width X height MM. This will result in a more stable box structure, saving materials and labor.

After reaching the bottom of the normal box, it will be difficult to open the lid, so we usually recommend that customers leave the lid exposed after the box is formed. Generally, it depends on the specific size. It is recommended to expose 5-10mm to facilitate opening the lid, and reducing the amount of material can save some costs. Another solution is to cover it to the bottom, which allows for easy opening of the lid with the finger position. However, the finger position increases the cost, and the part of the finger position will expose the gray board. Therefore, we generally do not recommend the finger position without the customer's request. But you can proactively suggest customers to make the ceiling shorter and expose some parts of the floor box. (Note: The exposed part of the floor box is not liked by every customer. We are just giving a small suggestion from our professional standpoint, and ultimately must prioritize the customer's preferences.)

B. Size limitations:

Minimum size limit: The minimum height for external dimensions is 14MM, and the length and width must be greater than 30X30MM. For boxes with a height of 18MM or less, it is recommended to use 1000 grams of gray board

Maximum size limit: It is recommended to increase the width or length by X2 in height to be less than 66CM, which can be done when exceeding the limit. However, manual labor is expensive, so it is not recommended to do it (if it is a regular customer, you can help them study it)

C. V lees:

It is generally recommended to use the Lid and base box as much as possible, as it may incur significant costs

D. Specially tall Lid and base Box:

Sometimes we may encounter the Lid and base box requested by customers, where the height is the longest side. There are usually two situations in this situation:

Most of the time, customers are unable to distinguish which side should be high. Customers simply follow their own thinking and the position designed by the customer's own document, which may indicate that the length is high. In this situation, we need to provide guidance to customers. We can provide pictures of our standard box and mark the size requested by customers on each side of the box (write the minimum value on the height). There is no need to write a few words about length, width, and height. We only need to confirm whether the height is the minimum value.

Another practical scenario is that the customer needs to make a very high box. In this case, we should try to make the ceiling as short as possible (mainly to save costs) and control it within 25 to 30 millimeters. Of course, when quoting, we must inform the customer of our quotation details to avoid misunderstandings.

E. Material suggestion: 1200g can basically meet the majority of size requirements:

1200 grams of gray board is commonly used. When the size is less than 100X100X30MM, 800 to 1000 grams can be considered. When the size is less than 250X250X80MM, it is recommended to use 1200 grams. For sizes larger than 250X250X80MM, 1200 grams of gray board is also not a problem. 1300 to 1500 grams can be recommended, depending on the actual needs of the customer.


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