Lid & Base with Edge Box
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Lid & Base with Edge Box


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Lid & Base with Edge Box

Lid&base with edge gift box

Similar to a regular Tiandi box, adding an inner box as the border will be much more upscale and expensive than a regular Tiandi box.

A. Size habits:

Length X Width X Height MM Sky Box Height? Is the ground box high? Surrounding height=refers to the height of the inner box?

The height of the perimeter box should be noted as follows:

Assuming that the height of the sky box is X, the height of the ground box is Y, and the exposed edge is H, the total height of the box is X+Y+H.

It is also customary to suggest that the highest edge should be the shortest, but there will also be many edges around the perimeter of the box

In this case, a high value will be relatively large.

When the height is a relatively short edge, it is recommended that the ceiling box and floor box be of the same height. In addition, it is recommended to expose the perimeter strip (edge) by about 5mm, and the edge should be exposed. This will result in fewer defective products. If the edge is not exposed, the gap in the middle will increase due to unevenness.

When the perimeter box is relatively high, it is generally recommended that the ceiling box be 25 to 30MM high, with the perimeter exposed by 5-10MM, and the rest being the height of the floor box.

In addition, the floor box is also made to be 25 to 30mm, and the surrounding edge protrudes about 20mm. The ceiling box is very high, which is generally suitable for displaying products (such as perfume, or high products). After the box is formed, the surrounding edge will not be exposed.

B. Size limitations:

The minimum height for external dimensions is 30MM, and it is recommended to be above 35MM. The length and width must be greater than 30X30MM. (The height of the ceiling and floor boxes should be greater than or equal to 13MM.)

Maximum size limit: Suggestion: (Heaven box height X2+width or length)<66CM, and (Ground box height X2+width or length)<66CM can be done when exceeding the limit, but labor is expensive, so it is not recommended to do it (if it is a loyal customer, you can help him study it)

C. V lees:

It is generally recommended to surround the edge of the box and try not to use V residue, as V residue may incur significant costs (0.35-0.6 yuan) and the inner box should not contain V residue.

D. Material suggestion:

1200 grams of gray board is commonly used. When the size is less than 100X100X30MM, 800 to 1000 grams can be considered. When the size is less than 250X250X80MM, it is recommended to use 1200 grams. For sizes larger than 250X250X80MM, 1200 grams of gray board is also not a problem. 1300 to 1500 grams can be recommended, depending on the actual needs of the customer.


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