Light Special Paper
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Light Special Paper


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Light Special Paper

The charm of light colored special paper processing technology

In the world of paper, light colored specialty paper is a unique existence, and its unique texture and color bring infinite possibilities for customized paper packaging. Through various processing techniques, light colored special paper can exhibit stunning effects, making customized paper packaging boxes shine with unique charm.

Hot stamping process

Hot stamping process is a common processing method, which adds luxury and noble temperament to packaging by hot stamping gold or other colored patterns or text on light colored special paper. The metallic luster and soft tones of light special paper complement each other, making the overall packaging more exquisite and atmospheric.

Local UV process

Local UV treatment can create a raised or recessed effect on light colored special paper, increasing the tactile and three-dimensional feel of the packaging. Through local UV technology, specific patterns or text can be highlighted, making the packaging more vivid and interesting, and attracting the attention of consumers.

Concave and convex striking processes

The concave and convex striking techniques are used to create uneven effects on light colored special paper through special processing techniques, increasing the texture and layering of the paper. This processing method can bring a unique tactile experience to customized paper packaging, making the packaging more of a sense of quality and design.

Through the above process processing, light colored special paper packaging can exhibit rich and colorful effects, bringing unique charm and personality to customized paper packaging. Customized paper packaging factories can create customized paper packaging that meets the brand image and product characteristics based on customer needs and different processing methods, adding unique value and attractiveness to the products. Choosing light colored special paper for packaging not only showcases the characteristics of paper raw materials, but also injects more creativity and surprises into the packaging through carefully designed processing techniques, establishing a unique image for the brand and attracting consumer attention and love.


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