Meet Customer Demand for Custom Necklace Packaging Paper Box
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Meet Customer Demand for Custom Necklace Packaging Paper Box


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Meet Customer Demand for Custom Necklace Packaging Paper Box

Australian customer, general inquiry, did not leave too much information, only needs to custom necklace paper packaging box. Below is how our business patiently follows up on the final transaction process:

1. Regular operation: Say hello+share relevant box shaped beauty pictures to see if the customer is still online

2. The customer is online, with clear requirements and drawer boxes. Guide the customer to ask for size and logo to meet the custom necklace packaging box 3. Every time a quotation is given, it is normal for customers to think that it is expensive. Generally, if customers think it is expensive, we can try changing the box type, reducing the size, changing the process/4C to become a specialized one, etc

4. The customer negotiated and found it normal for the price to be high. They tried changing the box type and provided a quotation for reference

5. When I heard the customer say these two words, I was already in a state of complete silence and felt very bad in my heart


But when I think about it, I feel that this customer is very straightforward and very direct in expressing their thoughts (self comforting: maybe the price is a bit higher for them because they don't understand the custom packaging); On the other hand, I am a bit dissatisfied and want to facilitate this order, so that this customer's "never pay" can be met;

The next day, I readjusted my mindset and made a small concession using the upgrade of the sample equipment as a reason to see the customer's attitude

6. There is a significant difference between the target price provided by the customer and our quotation. The customer did not like the previous attempt to change the box shape, so they tried to reduce the size again;

After the quotation for the custom necklace box packaging, we can take advantage of the hot iron and promote a wave of beautiful photos of the company's factory advantages again

7. The price for reducing the size was not immediately mentioned as expensive by the customer. They continued to inquire about the shipping cost. Can this indicate that the customer's attitude has eased and further communication is possible??

Customize Paper Box Factory

The customer is inquiring about the price of reducing the size of the Tiandi box again;

From clipboard

8. After receiving an official statement, if most customers are still online, they should not miss it. Using the May Day holiday topic, when do they need it?

The customer directly stated that the price was still not within the expected range and offered a shrinking size. I feel that the customer's two concessions in reducing the size are already very gratifying. The customer did not directly reject me, and also asked for quotes and shipping fees twice in reducing the size. At least it shows that we still have some attractive points for him;

The customer actively wants to further understand us and cannot miss the opportunity;

Patiently explaining customer issues

Step by step guidance and patient explanation, seeing the customer's attitude change from "never pay" to "I can pay" at the beginning, I feel that my attitude has gradually changed the customer's attitude; this is very worth learning from in future conversations with customers

Although I am still in the stage of confirming the details of the client and they are still pushing me to provide more design document information, I hope to continue to communicate with them with sincerity in the future;

From clipboard

custom jewelry box manufacturers

In conversations with clients, I gradually learned to have a sincere attitude and professional sales skills, which are crucial for winning their favor. In order to further follow up with customers on the process of custom necklace packaging boxes and ensure customer satisfaction, I have summarized the following points:

Timely response to customers: Customers may have various questions and needs, so please reply to their messages and inquiries as soon as possible. This demonstrates your professionalism and value for customers.

Provide detailed product information: Customers may have specific requirements for the material, size, design, and other aspects of custom necklace packaging paper boxes. Ensure that you understand all aspects of the product and are able to clearly explain and provide the necessary information to customers.

Transparency in the customization process: Share with customers the entire process of custom necklace paper packaging boxes, including design, sample production, production, and delivery. Ensure that customers understand the timing and progress of each stage so that they can make timely decisions.

Providing samples and references: In order to help customers better understand the quality and appearance of the product, providing samples and references would be very helpful. This can help customers better determine their customization needs and increase their confidence in your product.

Regular follow-up: The customization process may take some time, so it is very important to follow up with customers regularly. Ask the customer if they have any further needs or questions and ensure they are satisfied with the entire process.

Providing after-sales service: Once customers receive custom necklace packaging boxes, providing after-sales service will be an important step. Ensure customer satisfaction with the product and resolve any potential issues.

Based on the above summary, I believe that only then can we establish better relationships with customers and win their favor. I will always maintain a sincere attitude and professional sales skills as the key to establishing long-term cooperative relationships with customers.


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