Pantone Color Printing
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Pantone Color Printing


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Pantone Color Printing

Pantone color PMS

PMS=Pantone color, each pantone color corresponds to a color number, which is internationally recognized. The advantage is that each printing can follow the color, and the color difference will be small. However, pantone color printing is relatively expensive and not suitable for gradient effects. Customers often add a pantone color printing on the basis of four-color printing. This pantone color printing is usually the base color, or logo color, which is the main color of the customer. Using pantone colors can bring important main colors of different packaging closer each time.

Divided into two categories:

U series: Uncoated, uncoated paper series

C series: Coated, coated paper printing series

You can refer to the pantone color book, which also provides a detailed explanation of the differences in printing effects between coated and uncoated paper.

U-series and C-series, it is necessary to pay attention to differentiation. Generally, few customers know how to distinguish between U-series and C-series pantone colors. So it often happens that customers request to use double copper paper for printing, or the printing paper needs to be glued, but the given pantone color number is the U series, and there are also opposite situations. When encountering this situation, we must remind customers in a timely manner to avoid color difference issues only after production is completed. (The earlier you discover problems and help customers remind and solve them, the more professional you will appear, and the more you will be able to win over customers.)

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