Paper Bag
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Paper Bag


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Paper Bag

Paper bags and materials

Common materials include: single powder paper card, gray card, copperplate paper, white kraft paper, brown kraft paper, black kraft paper, and a small amount of special paper manufacturing. The applicable weight for single powder paper cards ranges from 210 grams to 250 grams (190g paper is not commonly available) (using 300 grams can easily break the paper bag), gray cards are suitable for 250 grams, copperplate paper is suitable for 200-300 grams, and white kraft paper, black kraft paper, brown kraft paper are suitable for 150-250 grams.

The most common type of paper is single powder paper cards. Due to their strong texture, a thickness of 210 grams is usually sufficient to bear 3-5 kilograms. Of course, if it is a heavier leather jacket or other item, using a single powder of 250 grams will have a better load-bearing effect, and the printing effect is also good. The price is moderate, making them generally the choice for mid to high end products.

The printing effect of gray khaki is similar to that of single powder, with a lower price. However, the gray color inside appears to have a lower grade and is generally used for low-end products.

Copperplate paper is an uncommon material that has a softer texture than single powder paper cards. The conventional thickness is between 200g and 300g, and the printing effect is the same as single powder paper. Similarly, it also requires lamination, which is much more expensive than single powder paper cards.

White cowhide has a good printing effect and does not require lamination. Generally, 150 to 200 grams of paper are selected for making this type of paper bag. This type of paper bag is more lightweight and not particularly large because its load-bearing capacity is not as high as that of a single powder card. White cowhide has a higher cost, stronger toughness, and higher grade, making it suitable for high-end bags in the clothing industry.

Brown cowhide, usually used for simple printing, gives a natural and environmentally friendly feeling. Many foreigners like it and usually choose 150 to 250 grams of paper to make it. Using brown cowhide to directly print single black content is not expensive and of good quality.

Black cowhide cannot be printed, only silk screen printing or hot stamping can be used. Generally, 150 to 250 grams of paper are selected for printing, which is a type favored by foreigners. Simple hot stamping, silver stamping and other processes are directly applied to all black paper. In small quantities, the price is affordable and the effect is high-end.

Paper bags and handles

The handles of paper bags are mainly divided (as shown in the figure from right to left): paper rope, PP rope (also known as nylon rope), ribbon, cotton rope, special rope, and knotting rope

Most paper bag ropes are made of PP rope, ribbons, and cotton rope, which are the most common and applicable types;

Paper rope is generally used for bags made of thin paper, such as kraft paper weighing less than 150 grams;

Knot tying: Generally, slightly thicker ropes are used, not because of the high material cost, but because of the high labor cost: threading the rope is laborious, tying the knot takes time,

So the cost will be much higher. Never recommend guests to use knotted ropes, and even if requested, try to guide them to use other handheld devices.

Special rope: There are many types, and most of them are more expensive than commonly used ropes. The materials are also expensive, and there is usually no stock available, so the ordering time is slightly longer.

Finally, it should be noted that the middle few types of ropes all have black or transparent adhesive heads, which is convenient for punching paper bags after molding and saves labor costs.

The paper bag handle process is generally divided into three types: punching and threading rope, sticking paper rope, and sticking ribbon (the ribbon affects the machine operation)

The way of opening the bag: there is a folding head and no folding head, and the folding head of the paper bag is generally 30mm-40mm

All materials of paper bags can bear a weight of 3.5KG to 5KG

The daily production capacity of the paper bag automatic forming machine is 50000 yuan/day

(At present, our company's supplier has four automatic machines, with about 200 manual molding employees and a daily manual production capacity of 50000 to 100000)

Machine limitations for paper bag automatic forming machine:

Material thickness: 100g-250g

Finished product specifications and dimensions: length 18cm-45cm/width 7cm-17cm/height 23cm-42cm

Only when all three sides meet this size can production be carried out on the machine!

The number of machines usually starts at 50000;


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