Paper Drawer Box
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Paper Drawer Box


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Paper Drawer Box

Paper drawer box: detailed explanation of structure, materials, and technology

Paper drawer boxes, as an economical and practical packaging solution, have become increasingly popular in the market in recent years. It not only effectively protects internal items, but also has a certain display effect.

1、 The structure of paper drawer boxes

The structure of a paper drawer box is similar to that of a regular gray board drawer box, but it also has its unique features. Its main structure includes:

Coat: The coat of a paper drawer box is usually connected at both ends, which is different from the sealed bottom of a regular gray board drawer box. This design allows the paper drawer box to be flattened during transportation and storage, greatly saving space and costs.

Inner box: The inner box is the part used to hold items, usually tightly fitting with the outer jacket. The design of the inner box can be customized according to needs, and the size, shape, and separation can be flexibly adjusted.

Strengthening structure: Although paper drawer boxes are relatively soft, their firmness can be improved through reasonable structural design and material selection. For example, thin corrugated paper can be mounted on the printed surface paper to enhance the protection of the products inside the drawer box.

2、 Material application

The material selection of paper drawer boxes directly affects their cost, appearance, and functionality. Common materials include:

Paper card: This is the most commonly used material for paper drawer boxes. Like single powder cards, kraft paper, specialty paper, etc., around 300 grams of paper can be directly used for the production of paper drawer boxes, and different processes can be used according to different properties of paper.

Corrugated cardboard: Corrugated cardboard has good cushioning performance and strength, making it suitable for packaging that requires strong protection. The corrugated structure of corrugated cardboard can absorb impact force and protect internal items. We can also use a 300g gray card for printing and related surface treatment, then frame it with fine corrugated paper before die-cutting and gluing it for shipment, which achieves the protection effect of the product.

Special paper: In order to improve the grade of paper drawer boxes, special paper can be chosen as the outer layer material. These papers typically have unique textures and colors that can enhance the visual effect and feel of the packaging.

Environmentally friendly materials: With the increasing awareness of environmental protection, more and more paper drawer boxes are using environmentally friendly materials, such as recycled paper and biodegradable materials. This not only meets environmental requirements, but also enhances brand image.

3、 Process application

The production process of paper drawer boxes directly affects their quality and appearance. Common processes include:

Printing technology: Customized paper drawer box printing is an important means to enhance brand image. Common printing processes include offset printing, screen printing, digital printing, etc. Offset printing is suitable for large-scale production, with high precision and color reproduction; Screen printing is suitable for small batch and personalized customization, with good three-dimensional and texture; Digital printing is suitable for short format printing and has the characteristics of speed and flexibility.

Film coating process: In order to improve the durability and waterproofing of paper drawer boxes, film coating treatment can be applied on the surface. Common types of film covering include light film, matte film, tactile film, etc. Light film has high glossiness and waterproofness, matte film has a soft luster and high-end feel, and tactile film can provide a unique feel.

Hot stamping/silver stamping process: In order to improve the grade of paper drawer boxes, the surface can be treated with hot stamping or silver stamping. This process can provide a shiny metallic effect and enhance the visual impact of packaging.

Embossing/embossing process: Through embossing or embossing, unique textures and patterns can be formed on the surface of paper drawer boxes, enhancing the texture and touch of the packaging.

Die cutting process: Die cutting process is a key step in forming paper drawer boxes. By die-cutting, cardboard can be cut into the desired shape and size, ensuring precise alignment of each part.

4、 The advantages of customizing paper drawer boxes

Customized paper drawer boxes have the following advantages:

Personalized design: Customized paper drawer boxes can be designed according to customer needs, and can be flexibly adjusted in size, shape, color, or pattern. This makes the packaging more in line with the brand image and product characteristics.

Enhance brand image: By customizing paper drawer box printing, brand logos, promotional messages, and product information can be displayed on packaging, enhancing brand awareness and reputation.

Enhance user experience: Customized paper drawer boxes can be designed according to the characteristics of the product, providing better protection and display effects, and improving the user experience.

Environmentally friendly and sustainable: Customized paper drawer boxes can choose environmentally friendly materials and processes, which meet the requirements of modern consumers for environmental protection and enhance the brand's sense of social responsibility.

5、 Selection of Paper Drawer Box Factory

Choosing a suitable paper drawer box factory is crucial for ensuring product quality and delivery time. The following are the factors to consider when choosing a paper drawer box factory:

Production capacity: Ensure that the factory has sufficient production capacity to meet the needs of large-scale orders. Meanwhile, the equipment and technological level of a factory are also important indicators for measuring its production capacity.

Quality control: Choose a factory with a complete quality control system to ensure that products can be strictly produced according to standards during the production process, ensuring the quality of the final product.

Customization capability: Evaluate the factory's customization capability to ensure that it can design and produce according to customer needs, and provide personalized packaging solutions.

Delivery time: Choose a factory with good delivery records to ensure timely delivery of orders and avoid affecting product launch time.

After sales service: Evaluate the factory's after-sales service capabilities to ensure timely resolution of any issues that arise during product use.

6、 Summary

As an economical and practical packaging solution, paper drawer boxes have the characteristics of simple structure, diverse materials, and rich craftsmanship. By customizing paper drawer boxes and printing them, we can enhance our brand image and user experience. Choosing a suitable paper drawer box factory to ensure product quality and delivery time is the key to successful packaging solutions. From both cost control and brand enhancement perspectives, paper drawer boxes are an ideal choice.


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