See corrugated paper
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See corrugated paper


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See corrugated paper

See corrugated paper


See composition of corrugated paper:

(1) Facial paper is divided into S, K, A, B, C grades from S to C, with higher grade paper producing harder and more effective corrugated paper. (Note: The face paper also has a code name of W, representing white. The material quality of W is approximately equal to A paper.)

(2) Core paper is commonly divided into three types: 3-corrugated=coarse corrugated, 9-corrugated=E-corrugated (fine corrugated), and F-corrugated=ultra-fine corrugated. This is the classification of the wave thickness of core paper, from coarse to fine, 3>9>F.

See corrugated paper:

Double corrugated paper K3A3, K3A9, K9A9, A3A9

Single corrugated paper K3, A3, W3,,, K9, A9, W9,,, KF, AF, WF

This type of corrugated paper can see the waves of the core paper, so it is called visible corrugated paper. Mainly used for mounting corrugated boxes, after gray card printing, they are then mounted together with the core paper of corrugated paper to make mounted corrugated boxes.

F Corrugation: Mounted with 250g and 300g gray cards, which may be slightly softer. If you want a high-end and harder one, you can mount 350g gray cards. (When the minimum edge of the box is less than 20mm, it is recommended to use F corrugation)

9-corrugated (also known as E-corrugated): Mounted 300g, 350g gray card (when the minimum edge of the box is greater than 25mm but less than 100mm, it is recommended to use 9-corrugated)

3. Corrugation: It is recommended to mount 350 grams of gray cards. If 300 grams of gray cards are mounted, the corrugation pattern is obvious and the grade is low (if the minimum edge of the box is greater than 100mm, it is recommended to use 3 corrugations)

The benefits of using corrugated paper to mount gray cards: Corrugated paper has hardness and stiffness, and gray cards are suitable for printing and can be glued. The two materials can be mounted together to achieve the printing effect that customers need. The box will also be harder and have a strong texture after molding, which can also play a certain role in protecting the product.

Double corrugated corrugated paper is generally used for products with ordinary cardboard box structures. It is generally recommended to use K3A9 corrugated core paper, which has 9 corrugations. The 9 corrugations are thinner, and the corrugations are not as obvious after mounting the gray card.

(5) Common reference values:

A. Facial paper: K paper=200g, A paper=160g, B paper=120g, W paper=125g, C paper=100g

B. Core paper: Generally, 125g is used as the core, 140g is used for reinforced core, and 180g is used for high reinforced core

Exploring the unique characteristics and widespread applications of corrugated paper

Corrugated paper is a type of cardboard composed of one side of brown kraft paper and one side of wavy core paper. Its strength and thickness are influenced by the number of grams of paper used and the size of the waves. Compared to traditional corrugated cardboard, corrugated paper combines the surface treatment of gray card or single powder card, making it suitable for various complex production processes, such as printing, laminating, hot stamping, local UV, indentation, embossing, and so on. This structure not only retains the strong protective properties of corrugated paper, but also demonstrates a rich sense of design, suitable for producing paper box packaging with strong design sense, such as buckle bottom boxes, airplane boxes, and double insertion boxes.

The unique characteristics of corrugated paper

The uniqueness of corrugated paper lies in its combination of surface treatment with gray or single powder cards, which gives it high strength and thickness, and is suitable for various complex production processes. This structural design not only retains the strong protective properties of corrugated paper, but also endows the product with a rich sense of design and high-end effects. The size of wave core paper and the choice of paper weight directly affect the final thickness and strength of the paper.

Widely used corrugated paper

Corrugated paper has a wide range of applications in the field of customized color box packaging. The color box packaging factory utilizes the characteristics of corrugated paper to produce various color boxes with strong design sense, meeting the packaging needs of different industries and products. Through the application of printing, laminating, hot stamping, local UV, embossing, and other processes, customized color box packaging can display a rich and colorful effect, attracting the attention of consumers.

Design philosophy that emphasizes both creativity and protection

The combination design of corrugated paper emphasizes both the protective performance of the product and the pursuit of design sense and high-end effect. Customized color box packaging not only effectively protects products, but also showcases brand image and design concepts through various processing techniques. The color box packaging factory utilizes the characteristics of corrugated paper to create unique and personalized packaging solutions, adding unique charm to the products.


As a cardboard material that combines corrugated paper and surface treated paper, corrugated paper has unique characteristics and a wide range of applications. By customizing color box packaging, companies can showcase their brand image, protect product safety, and enhance the shopping experience for consumers. Let's explore the unique charm of corrugated paper together and inject more creative and personalized elements into product packaging. May our design philosophy and packaging technology bring more surprises and success to the brand.


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