Soft Touch Lamination
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Soft Touch Lamination


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Soft Touch Lamination

Soft touch Lamination Touch Film - After covering with touch film, the surface is matte and will not reflect light. The visual effect is the same as that of matte glue, but the touch will be much different. When touched by hand, there will be a relatively soft touch and a thick feeling.

As the name suggests, tactile film refers to adding a layer of tactile protection film on printing paper. Covering the tactile film surface can be waterproof, protect the printing effect, and make the printing effect softer and the touch more delicate. Protect materials to reduce damage. Generally, lamination is only applied on coated paper, and only by laminating on coated paper can it be tightly adhered to the paper. If laminating on non coated paper, many fine bubbles will be generated, and the coated film will be easily peeled off.

The following products can be suggested to be coated with film: card boxes, watch pit color boxes, paper cards, paper bags, gift boxes, album covers (inner pages are generally not coated with film), etc. Basically, printing coated paper is suitable for coating with tactile film.


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