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Sponge Insert


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Sponge Insert

Material properties and production process of sponge insert
Sponge insert, as a common packaging liner material, is mainly black and white. White sponge is prone to yellowing. To avoid this issue, it is recommended to choose black sponge as the preferred choice. If white sponge is necessary, you can consider mounting it on a white velvet cloth or using a white EVA instead. Sponge insert are usually used inside gift boxes and have the characteristics of softness and high elasticity. They can be punched according to different shapes to meet the protection needs of products.
The punching process of sponge insert
The punching process of the sponge insert requires one punch to the bottom to ensure that the punched holes are all vertically downward and do not produce any curvature. When different depths are required, the upper and lower layers of sponge can be bonded together, or a certain thickness of backfill material can be filled in the punched hole to achieve this. In order to enhance the high-end feel of the product, a layer of flannel can be mounted on the surface of the sponge before punching. Black and white flannel are commonly used, and other colors of flannel can also be selected according to needs.
Material properties and importance
Sponge insert, as a packaging liner material, has good softness and elasticity, which can effectively protect the internal products from damage. Its punching process allows the sponge insert to adapt to products of different shapes and sizes, providing custom packaging solutions. In jewelry boxes and other products, sponge insert are often used for mounting flannel cloth to enhance the texture and high-end feel of the product.
The importance of custom sponge insert
Custom sponge pallets play an important role in the packaging industry, providing personalized liner protection solutions for products. Sponge insert manufacturers provide customers with high-quality custom sponge insert services through exquisite production processes and professional design teams, meeting the packaging needs of different products. The selection and design of sponge insert play a crucial role in protecting and showcasing products, adding a sense of quality and high-end atmosphere to the products.
By custom sponge insert, companies can provide more comprehensive packaging protection for their products, showcase brand image and product characteristics, and enhance the shopping experience for consumers. May our sponge insert design bring more creativity and personalized elements to your product packaging.


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