Spot UV
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Spot UV


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Spot UV

UV: Spot UV, UV coating, silk screen printing

1) The process of UV printing, also known as silk screen printing, can be performed on any paper. However, if the texture is deep, the UV effect may be slightly lacking. Additionally, UV presents a bright surface effect, so UV treatment is generally not added on top of photoresist.

2) Generally, UV technology will be added after coating the matte film, adding a glossy effect on the matte surface. A transparent UV effect of the same shape can be added on the logo, company name, brand name, or product to highlight the part requested by the customer, which will appear more high-end.

3) Some customers may also like to add transparent UV patterns such as logos, text, patterns, or product images to the full base color (both coated and uncoated paper are acceptable).

4) UVs can also have different colors. UVs with different colors usually do not have printing patterns underneath, as colored UVs will cover the printed content underneath.


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