The Lamination Process for Customized Jewellery Box Paper Packaging Manufacturer
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The Lamination Process for Customized Jewellery Box Paper Packaging Manufacturer


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The Lamination Process for Customized Jewellery Box Paper Packaging Manufacturer

Film coating process

1. Prenatal preparation:

1.1 Jewellery box manufacturers will have strict production processes, and the laminating machine captain will hand over their semi-finished products to the previous process based on the production tasks accepted during the morning meeting and the relevant engineering orders issued by the workshop.

1.2. Require clear, detailed, and accurate quantity of product process identification cards.

jewellery box manufacturer

1.3. During handover, it is necessary to check whether the product is qualified and confirm that there is no quality condition. If any problems are found, timely feedback should be given to the quality control department, and the previous process captain or supervisor should be informed to handle the abnormalities in a timely manner. After processing, hand over qualified products according to the procedure.

1.4. For products with more details, special attention should be paid. When handing over, be sure to carefully check the top 50 sheets of the product on the cushion board to see if there is any mixing or inversion. If mixing is found, according to the clear regulations of the custom jewellery box packaging manufacturer, it is necessary to refuse acceptance and wait for the complete inspection of the previous process before confirming acceptance.

1.5. At the same time as handing over the previous process, auxiliary materials such as data bags, digital images, and samples should be handed over along with the product, and relevant records should be kept. Customized jewellery box manufacturers must achieve strict and unified management of complete sets of materials, otherwise it may easily lead to significant losses.

jewellery box manufacturer

1.6. Carefully check the content and samples according to the engineering order of the custom jewellery box manufacturer. If there are any doubts, they must be promptly reported to the department head (deputy) manager. Only after the doubts are eliminated can the machine be put on.

1.7. According to the requirements of the engineering order, the laminating machine captain and the workshop material clerk will collect the necessary adhesive film auxiliary materials for production from the warehouse department. If there is no adhesive film of this specification, please ask the production planning department manager if it is possible to use a similar adhesive film for cutting production. And carefully check whether the samples are consistent. If there are any discrepancies, they should be promptly reported to the supervisor and further confirmed with the process department or business. This is necessary for a qualified custom jewellery box packaging manufacturer to ensure that the material warehouse management is in place. Otherwise, it will easily lead to production chaos.

2. Production process control:

2.1. Before starting up, inspect the equipment and pass the film in the direction of the paper through the guide roller, wrinkle elimination roller, and adjustment roller into the pressing area. Pay attention to checking whether the rotating parts of the machine are flexible, stable, without abnormal noise, and whether there is any deviation. Check the accuracy of the mechanisms in each part and whether there is any oil leakage. If there is any abnormality, it should be immediately reported to the main (deputy) manager, and the "Equipment Maintenance Application Form" should be filled out. After being signed by the workshop main (deputy) manager, the machine personnel should contact the equipment department for maintenance.

2.2. Adjust the developed parts and set parameters according to the size of the paper, as well as the size of the edges. Generally controlled around 5-7mm.

2.3. Adjust the pressure and temperature of the laminating machine. The pressure is generally controlled within 10-15 Pa, and the temperature is generally controlled between 85-120 degrees. The gap between the sensor and the surface of the hot roller is 0.2mm. The specific pressure, tension, and temperature should be adjusted appropriately according to the actual situation. (Please refer to the "Operation Manual for Laminating Machine" for details)

2.4. During the paper loading process, the machine assistant must casually check for any signs of flipping or mixing, and promptly stop the machine to handle any problems. This can reduce significant losses for custom jewellery box manufacturer. It will not affect the final delivery time.

jewellery box manufacturer

2.5. When starting up, be sure to wait until the temperature reaches the set temperature. First, use defective products to test the machine, run it slowly, and adjust the temperature, pressure, and tension of the machine according to the type of paper. Temperature and pressure should not be too high or too high to avoid paper wrinkling; Also, it should not be too low or too small to avoid poor adhesion and loose film covering or peeling; Excessive tension should not cause the paper to curl.

2.6. If the powder spraying is too large during production, resulting in poor adhesion or bubbles, the powder removal device should be opened for powder removal. If the effect is not good, manual powder removal can also be used. And provide timely feedback to the process inspection and workshop supervisor, communicate and coordinate with the printing department to solve similar problems and avoid them from happening again.

2.7. The edging should be strictly operated according to the printed product line, and there should be no missing film phenomenon. In some cases where there is no finished product line, standard samples should be used to accurately measure the position of the finished product line.

2.8. When cutting the film, make sure to adjust the film cutter properly, and make sure the blade is sharp enough to just cut, but do not cut the paper.

2.9. After debugging the machine, carefully check the engineering order, digital diagram, and standard sample according to the "First Article Sample Signing Management Method" customized by each custom jewellery box packaging manufacturer. After confirming the accuracy with the captain's signature, follow the process to confirm with the workshop supervisor again, and finally have the final confirmation done by the process inspection. In cases where the supervisor or process inspection does not approve, the captain shall debug according to the requirements and sign again for confirmation. The first produced product shall be signed by the engineering department.

jewellery box manufacturer

2.10. The first piece sample should have no obvious scratches, wrinkles, bubbles, multiple films, missing films, dirt, or damage on the surface, and be firmly bonded. After half an hour of lamination, evenly and slowly tearing the film by hand can bring up the color of the printed image and text. It can be folded twice without peeling the film, with good flatness and bright colors.

2.11. After signing the sample, conduct 10 full inspections before mass production, and then randomly inspect every 100. The speed can be gradually increased according to the actual situation, while ensuring quality. The captain should regularly conduct spot checks while the machine is running normally, and carefully fill out the "Production Self inspection and Inspection Form" formulated by the custom jewellery box manufacturer to prevent mass quality accidents from occurring.

2.12. When abnormalities are found during sampling, immediately shut down the machine for processing. Identify the defects and clearly label them with clamps, or take them out and place them separately and label them with clamps. And report to the workshop manager (deputy manager) for record keeping, timely remedy, and avoid causing delays in delivery due to insufficient quantity.

2.13. Pay attention to the product details during production. If the product has more than one detail, or even multiple details, each detail should be placed on a separate tray. After completing one product, the site should be thoroughly cleaned before producing other products with different details. Clearly mark them on the identification card and place them in separate areas. If necessary, wrap them with wrapping film to prevent mixing.

2.14. Defective products generated during the process should be separated by paper and the printing surface should be reversed and placed at the top of the product, which can be used as paper for adjusting the machine in the next process

2.15. Place the products in the designated place for the next process and arrange them neatly in order. There should be identification cards, with detailed and clear records and accurate quantities. Good and bad products are clearly labeled, and the total is equal to the quantity handed over from the previous process.

jewellery box manufacturer

2.16. Timely fill out the work daily report, requiring detailed and accurate production time, customer name, order number, order quantity, good and bad products, various auxiliary materials, and abnormal situations to be clearly filled out for reference. If customized jewellery box manufacturer cannot manage this step well, it can easily lead to serious losses.

2.17. After the completion of the production order, the surrounding area of the machine should be cleaned and cleaned, and the finished products should be classified and labeled. Product labeling should also be done strictly in accordance with relevant regulations and requirements, such as product clearance and replacement.

2.18. After the work is completed, the heating drum and the pressing rubber roller should be quickly removed from contact before stopping operation. The remaining film, shredded paper, and ink on the heating drum and pressing rubber roller should be wiped dry with a diluent to ensure that the pressing rubber roller is clean and smooth. The details of these maintenance equipment must be in place, otherwise the equipment of the jewellery packaging box manufacturer will be damaged too quickly.

3. Jewellery box manufacturers warn employees of precautions:

3.1 Before starting up, check the circuit and oil circuit, inject oil into various moving parts of the machine, carefully fill out the Equipment Maintenance Form, and sign for confirmation.

3.2. Personnel who have not received equipment operation training are not allowed to operate on the machine. When the machine personnel temporarily leave, they need to stop the machine and cut off the power supply before leaving.

3.3. When performing shutdown cleaning, troubleshooting, or internal maintenance on the machine, the safety lock button must be pressed.

3.4 During the production process, it is strictly prohibited to place hands on the operating parts of the machine and heating rollers to prevent unnecessary work-related accidents caused by rolling hands into the rotating parts or scalding hands.

3.5. It is strictly prohibited to place tea cups, tools, and other debris on the operating machine during operation. To avoid falling off the operating parts of the machine and causing damage to the equipment.

3.6. Machine operators are prohibited from having hair that is too long or draped over their shoulders. To avoid causing personal safety accidents, they must curl their hair up and wear a work cap if necessary to prevent it from curling up in the rotating parts and causing personal safety accidents.

3.7. Handle the waste film properly and do not place it together with other waste paper. It must be concentrated in the area designated by the jewelry box manufacturer. If environmental protection issues are not investigated and punished, it will bring huge fines to custom jewellery box packaging manufacturers.

The above is all the processes and related precautions involved in the lamination process for ITIS custom jewellery paper box packaging manufacturers.


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