The New Era of Digitalization in Printing And Packaging Has Arrived
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The New Era of Digitalization in Printing And Packaging Has Arrived


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The New Era of Digitalization in Printing And Packaging Has Arrived

The new era of digitalization in printing and packaging has arrived

In the field of printing and packaging, the market expansion of digital printing has become an unstoppable trend in this industry. Especially in the areas of short board printing and personalized product printing, digital printing reflects the unparalleled advantages of traditional printing, and its market share is rapidly expanding.

With the gradual advancement of technology, digital printing has been widely applied in packaging printing. For example, small batch printing of short form packaging products (paper bags, paper boxes, film packaging products, etc.), sample making of packaging design boxes, printing of corrugated cardboard, customized packaging box printing, personalized packaging product printing, packaging product printing with variable data, etc.

From the development of the packaging and printing industry, the demand for personalized customized packaging with smaller print volume and more diverse patterns is becoming increasingly strong, and environmental policies are becoming stricter. If you want to truly enter the new packaging field, digital printing is a good choice.

"Digital Carnival" Comes in July - "Digital Intelligence" Dream Factory

The 2022 South China International Digital Printing Technology Exhibition (DPrint) is a professional exhibition focused on digital application equipment and technology for printing and molding of all categories of packaging products. In order to provide you with a deeper and more intuitive experience of "digitalization", the "Digital Carnival" exhibition area gathers representatives of well-known digital printing equipment, materials, and software companies from home and abroad, providing comprehensive production and packaging solutions for cardboard factories, printing factories, hard box factories, label factories, wine packaging factories, cigarette packaging factories, as well as food, beverage, food delivery, daily necessities, daily chemicals, electronic appliances, e-commerce logistics, and healthcare brands. Let you immerse yourself in the infinite charm of digital printing.

Digital printing solution for cardboard boxes

Corrugated packaging was once seen as a unique and common form of logistics packaging. Nowadays, the large-scale application of digital printing on corrugated cardboard will reshape the golden body of plain and boundless brown corrugated cardboard boxes. Personalized content printing endows corrugated packaging with the identity of a brand display medium and puts on a shiny image again. Compared with traditional printing machines, digital printing has absolute advantages in small and medium batch printing and urgent items due to the elimination of tedious processes such as plate making, splicing, and color correction. There is no need to wash the machine, no waste ink discharge, and no flexible version of exhaust gas generation, resulting in lower carbon and environmental protection.

Hanhua, Wande, Runtianzhi, Jingutian, Yinjie, Mingyang, Boye, Jingtao, and others will showcase digital printing solutions for cardboard boxes on site.

Folding Paper Box Digital Printing Solution

There are various traditional post-press processes for folding cardboard boxes, including hot stamping, cold stamping, embossing, polishing, flocking, embossing, and frosting. In recent years, with the development of printing technology and the increasing demand for customized printed materials, "digital post printing efficiency enhancement" has become a hot topic in the printing field. Due to the variability of digital post printing efficiency, multiple solutions can be provided to customers simultaneously, saving time and sample costs to achieve short form printing. Hot stamping, high gloss and frosting, embossing and embossing are combined to apply the first three digital post-printing efficiency enhancing processes. By passing the substrate through the machine twice or multiple times, special effects that traditional processes cannot achieve are achieved. With the advent of the personalized era, printing enterprises are encouraged to increase product added value through digital post printing efficiency enhancement processes, achieve differentiation, and greatly enhance their competitiveness.

Konica Minolta, Fuji, Xindecheng, Chenghe, Huilian Jiutian, Aocai, Carnot, Xinli, and others will showcase digital printing solutions for folding paper boxes on site.

Gift Packaging Solutions

Consumers have increasingly diverse choices, and brand owners are eager to stand out in competition and seize market share. Packaging plays an increasingly important role in it, stimulating consumer purchasing desire and determining their purchasing attitude. In terms of consumer interaction and brand engagement, digital packaging printing has also created more possibilities. Due to advancements in product customization, manufacturers are able to be closer to customers and more personalized. Research has shown that over 50% of millennial and Gen Z consumers are interested in brands that offer personalized products or services. When multiple short version orders replace a large quarterly order, digital packaging printing can also better manage the supply chain.

Jin Tantian, Xindecheng, Runtianzhi, Yili and others will showcase gift packaging solutions on site.

Label Digital Printing Solution

What are the demands of end brand merchants for cooperative printing factories? With the diversified demands of end customers, the innovation drive of brand owners is becoming stronger. The demand for personalized, short format, customized, and environmentally friendly label printing has brought great challenges to traditional printing.

As is well known, digital printing can help label printing companies shorten production cycles, with low labor costs and high flexibility. With the increasing popularity of traffic products, the small batch and personalized orders in the label market are also increasing. The investment enthusiasm of label printing enterprises in digital printing equipment has also sparked one small climax after another, and the development of digital printing has entered the "fast lane". In some consumer sectors, such as fast-moving consumer goods, there has even been a trend of completely replacing traditional printing with digital printing.

Durst, Kemei, Runtianzhi, Hanhua, Tianjin Evergreen, Arnojie, Jinyun Laser, and others will showcase their label digital printing solutions on site.

One item, one code&anti-counterfeiting solution

Encoding, also known as "variable data printing" in the packaging and printing industry, has much greater functions and effects than we imagine. "One item, one code" can be used by packaging and printing enterprises and end brand merchants to achieve functions such as consumer big data analysis, customer management, digital marketing management, warehouse management, and sales management in the fields of product anti-counterfeiting, traceability, anti tampering, shopping mall, and marketing; For consumers, "one item, one code" is a favorable way for them to protect their legitimate rights and interests; Furthermore, for national regulatory authorities, "one item, one code" can provide more convenient regulatory means. Nowadays, QR codes carrying a large amount of information can be printed with variable data through digital printing technology.


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