The Paper Cutting Process for Customized Personalized Jewelry Packaging Paper Boxes
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The Paper Cutting Process for Customized Personalized Jewelry Packaging Paper Boxes


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The Paper Cutting Process for Customized Personalized Jewelry Packaging Paper Boxes

Paper cutting process

The first step in the entire customized jewelry packaging production plan is to cut paper. This process is the first step in the production work order. It is also the first step in the production workshop to start customizing personalized jewelry packaging boxes. The following is an introduction to the paper cutting process

1. Prenatal preparation:

1.1. According to the production tasks received during the morning meeting and the relevant engineering orders issued by the workshop, the paper cutting machine leader shall hand over their semi-finished products to the previous process. The work order will provide a detailed introduction to the customized personalized jewelry paper packaging box. The captain must carefully read and review, and if there are any questions or discrepancies, they must be reported and resolved immediately.

custom jewellery box factory

1.2. Require clear, detailed, and accurate quantity identification cards for the previous process flow.

1.3. During handover, it is necessary to check whether the semi-finished products are qualified and confirm that there is no quality condition. If any problems are found, timely feedback should be given to the quality control department, and the previous process captain or main (deputy) manager should be informed to handle the abnormalities in a timely manner. After processing, hand over qualified products according to the procedure.

1.4. For products with more details, special attention should be paid. When handing over, be sure to carefully check the top 50 sheets of the product on the cushion board to see if there is any mixing phenomenon. If any mixing phenomenon is found, refuse to accept and wait for the complete inspection of the previous process before confirming receipt.

1.5. At the same time as handing over the previous process, the relevant information bags, digital images, samples and other auxiliary materials for the personalized jewelry box packaging should be handed over along with the product, and handover records should be kept. At the same time, due to our production rigor, we will attach a sample of the customized personalized jewelry packaging box together. This way, both the document information and the sample can be referenced simultaneously. Any problem will be easier to detect.

personalized jewelry packaging

1.6. According to production needs, work with workshop material personnel to collect the required materials from the warehouse department.

2. Production process control:

2.1. Before starting up, check whether the equipment switch circuit is normal and whether the oil circuit is unobstructed. If the equipment is abnormal, report it to the workshop main (deputy) manager in a timely manner and fill out the "Equipment Maintenance Application Form". After the main (deputy) manager signs it, the machine personnel will take it to the equipment department to apply for equipment maintenance.

2.2. Carefully check the content and samples according to the relevant engineering documents. If there are any doubts, they must be promptly reported to the department head (deputy). Only after the doubts are eliminated can the machine be put on.

2.3. Set the machine parameters according to the requirements of the engineering order, test cut the defective products, confirm the size, and save the machine settings (refer to the "Paper Cutting Machine Operation Manual").

2.4. After the captain confirms the correctness of the trial cut and signs, according to the "First Article Sample Signing Management Measures", bring the engineering sheet, data bag, personalized jewelry packaging sample or digital draft of the customized personalized jewelry packaging box, and confirm with the team leader or workshop supervisor (deputy). Finally, the final confirmation is made by the process inspection. Production can only be carried out after confirming that it is qualified. If it is confirmed that it is not qualified, it will be re debugged. New products must be signed by the engineering department, and personalized jewelry paper packaging boxes before signing are prohibited from mass production.

2.5. The quality of each customized personalized jewelry packaging box must be emphasized. When loading paper, the captain must check whether there are any problems such as mixing, flipping, or poor printing in the middle, and try to avoid unnecessary quality accidents.

2.6. When cutting, it is required that the paper must be neat to avoid uneven size or skewness after cutting, which may affect the smooth progress of subsequent production. Keep the cutting edge sharp, and if there are burrs on the cutting edge, replace the cutting blade in a timely manner. Adjust the pressure appropriately and avoid creating pressure marks if it is too large. If it is too small, the paper may not be tightly pressed, resulting in uneven cutting and affecting production quality.

personalized jewelry packaging

2.7. Each customized personalized jewelry box packaging will be accompanied by a sample and work order. And there will be a label attached to the personalized jewelry paper  packaging box. When there is a clamping strip in the middle, the reason for the clamping strip should be clearly identified. Generally, the reason is indicated on the clamping strip. If the reason is not specified, the printing duty captain or quality control should be consulted in a timely manner, and it should be clearly written. When cutting the paper, it should be placed separately and a strip should be clamped to remind.

2.8. Pay attention to the details of the personalized jewelry packaging during production. If there is more than one or even multiple details of the product, each detail should be placed on a separate tray. After completing one product, the site should be thoroughly cleaned before producing other customized personalized jewelry packaging paper boxes with different details. Clearly mark them on the identification card and place them in separate areas. If necessary, wrap them with wrapping film, Prevent the occurrence of mixed funds.

2.9. The captain should check at any time whether the pressure and position of the machine have changed and affect the quality of the product. During formal production, the cutting captain should conduct self inspection of the product quality and carefully fill out the "Production Self Inspection and Inspection Form". When quality abnormalities are found, the machine should be shut down and adjusted in a timely manner. If necessary, defective products should be isolated and labeled. Regardless of whether it causes a shortage, it must be reported to the workshop supervisor in a timely manner and necessary remedial measures should be taken. To cause greater losses in the mass customization of personalized jewelry packaging.

personalized jewelry packaging

2.10. The cut products should be neatly stacked, with a height not exceeding 1.2 meters. The products should be placed in the designated place for the next process and arranged in order. There should be identification cards, with detailed and clear records and accurate quantities. Good and bad products are clearly labeled, and the total is equal to the quantity handed over from the previous process. At the same time, all relevant work order materials, personalized jewelry packaging samples, etc. need to be delivered and signed together.

2.11. Fill out the work daily report in a timely manner, requiring detailed and accurate production time, customer name, order number, order quantity, good and bad products, various auxiliary materials, and abnormal situations to be clearly filled out for reference.

2.12. After completing the order, the paper cutter operator should clean and tidy up the surroundings of the machine, classify and label the finished products, and strictly carry out product cleaning and replacement work in accordance with relevant regulations.

2.13. After production is completed, turn off the machine power and clean the machine environment for hygiene.

personalized jewelry packaging

3. Notes:

3.1 Before starting up, check the circuit and oil circuit, inject oil into various moving parts of the machine, carefully fill out the Equipment Maintenance Form, and sign for confirmation.

3.2. Personnel who have not received equipment operation training are not allowed to operate on the machine. When paper cutting personnel temporarily leave, they need to cut off the power supply of the machine before leaving.

3.3. When performing shutdown cleaning, troubleshooting, or internal maintenance on the machine, the safety lock button must be pressed.

3.4. It is strictly prohibited to violate the rule of one person protecting paper and one person pressing the cutting button during the production process.

3.5. It is strictly prohibited to place tea cups, tools, and other debris on the operating table during operation.

3.6 During machine operation, it is strictly prohibited to reach your hands into the back of the cutting blade. Even when parking, you should first check whether the safety device is working properly before adjusting, changing the blade, wiping, and other work.

This is the final completion of the first step of paper cutting for the customized personalized jewelry packaging box.


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